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Rather than giving other companies the chance to consume your market gradually, you should think of introducing new products to compete with existing products. This may sound like an action which could lead to the literal or figurative death of your organization as its consequence, but if this is done in an expert manner with great skills, it allows you to remain on the forefront, or position of g...
Numberofthings has been working as an IT technician for the last 2 decades! He is passionate about computer hardware, graphics, and making things work optimally as they possibly can be ! Check out Numberofthings doing a thermal paste replacement on an Alienware R3 notebook computer with a GTX 1070 GPU and i7 7700HQ. Temperatures dropped 20 degrees under load ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6...
On some weekends and most evenings I try put in a couple of hours of work on the house. Lately I've been running water lines from the well into and throughout the house. It's fun and physical work can help keep you in good shape (physically and mentally). A break from sitting (or standing, or in bed or wherever) in front of a computer is also good for your circulatory system. Gives you a ...
Numberofthings has been an IT technician and consultant for nearly 2 decades. In that time he has become A+ Certified, a Network Security Admin, and Apple Certified. He enjoys hands on work, troubleshooting, and building custom computers.