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The ordinary Venezuelan faces without doubt one of the greatest challenges he has had in his short existence: to survive the worst humanitarian, moral, political, social and especially economic crisis to avoid being devastated and consumed by a totalitarian regime that It has claimed more lives than the last dictatorship of the South American country culminated in 1958, because it did not place in...
El venezolano común se enfrenta sin duda a uno de los más grandes retos que ha tenido en su corta existencia: sobrevivir a la peor crisis humanitaria, moral, política, social y especialmente económica para evitar se devastado y consumida su existencia por un régimen totalitario que ha cobrado más vidas que la última dictadura del país sudamericano culminada en 1958, por no colocar en contexto por ...
I've heard so many times about how bad it is to stick to things. I have heard that attachment is, in fact, according to philosophies such as Buddhism, the cause of suffering. This statement seems to make sense, but I can't stop thinking that this is just one side of the coin. What I mean is that unhealthy attachment certainly causes suffering (it certainly doesn't suffer who doesn't care about a...
There's a lot of things to be aware of when you live in Venezuela and decide to go out to the streets these days and even if you are in the "safety" of your home, depending on where you live, you might not be safe at all, especially if you live in red zones with high criminality or in areas frequented by protesters. But if you are ever out on the streets or in a window in your house or apartment...
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¡Hola! Desde Venezuela te escribo estas lineas para describir lo que actualmente vivimos en esta tierra que muchos años atrás deseaban para hacer turismo, invertir, y hasta vivir, todo por sus riquezas. Hoy esa es la tierra de los sueños pasa por un momento de reorganización de una manera bastante dolorosa, sin embargo estamos aquí. tierra deseada años atrás por muchos surgir y valer mas que nunca...
I am sure everyone on this platform knows one way or another about the current situation that is happening in Venezuela, you guys probably have seen everything, from police brutality and repression to starving people eating out of thrash bags but there's more than that and it's a topic that doesn't seem to be discussed as much. In the south east of Venezuela, in the Bolivar state, probably since M...
Because stealing is more fun than creating. But “eventually you run out of other people's money” as Margaret Thatcher said. Communism is all to do with power, control and meaningless destruction. The best way you should think about it is when you see it as a weapon. A mass destruction weapon. Only, it is no physically exist, but exist in people’s mind. But it doesn’t mean it is not as efficient ...