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It tells a small story that one day, in India, a tourist was walking down a colorful street when a little girl suddenly crosses his path and talks to him. She asks for "happy money" and the tourist asks what is happy money? and she responds: the money that makes you happy to give me, will make me happy to receive it. Although I have little time for leisure, the little time I have I use it to rea...
Who responsible for it? The governments. They stealing the money, making deficits which grow the national debt and they are forming monopolies. There were no other reason for this ever. Producing goods, services, thus jobs never ever caused any depression ever, because it is simply mathematically impossible. Politicians making as much rules as they can without making the people riot, thus prev...
I recently commissioned (via the excellent lazyfox.io) some interviews about sentiments on crypto, and specifically BCH, in Venezuela. While this is the social circle of one person and hence should not be taken scientifically, I think it is valuable to watch for the honesty of interviewees about their doubts, hopes and views; there are a few valuable things we can extract from this. For me, I ob...
Hola soy un venezolano en busca de un poco de dinero para sobrevivir en este país
Honest money In a world full of pitfalls, looking for honest money is brave. If you are one of them let me congratulate you. Getting honest money is a good therapy for our self-esteem, because honest money is money that comes from our physical and mental effort, where we have invested a lot of time and dedication to get honest money. My name is Ramón Oropeza and I am looking for honest money e...
Greetings friends of Honest Cash. My best wishes to all. My name is Ramón Oropeza, I'm from Venezuela and in recent months I've been going through very bad economic times. Not only because my job as a cook is not enough, but also because the crisis in Venezuela is getting deeper every day. To understand it you must be here and suffer it as the Venezuelan working class suffers. Basic services are n...
I get up early in the morning to go to my first job, my first nine hours of work. In it, I must do all kitchen work: clean and cook. It is a sale of empanadas during the morning and in the afternoon it sells Chinese rice, fried chicken and grills. Working in the kitchen is always hard, dealing with bosses and clients to satisfy something as subjective as the taste for food is a task that requires ...