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Honest is a social network where you can earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) if you create value. Our mission is to improve the quality of content on the internet and to get people paid for doing what they love.

You earn Bitcoin Cash when your content is upvoted on Honest Cash.

You can earn Bitcoin Cash by voting on good content early.

Your opinion is important, regardless what position do you represent. You can make your content uncensorable on Honest Cash so it can never be censored or removed.

Hello Honest.Cash Devs I've noticed that most emojis I use in my posts get replaced by question marks after I publish it. Is this a bug? or honest.cash doesn't support emojis yet? My confusion comes because while writing the post everything seems fine… I hope this get read by someone hehe
I am new here. Trying to build my profile. Follow me and I will follow you back to read your stories
Honest cash supports custom HD derivation paths. As a default, we use m/44'/0'/0' for the derivation of private keys. The default key pair that is generated from this derivation path corresponds to the first account and first address in the wallet following the convention:  m/44'/0'/0'/{account}/{index} The full path for derivation of the wallet is m/44'/0'/0'/0/0. Our previous wallet deri...
Code blocks and inline code on Honest Cash Honest Cash supports code blocks and inline code tags. To begin a code block select some text and click on the "" sign. Select some text and click on the sign in the toolbar Example npm install simple-bitcoin-wallet bitcointoken bitbox-sdk Syntax highlighting Honest Cash code blocks do not support syntax highlighting. Credits Big tha...
Our mission is to get people paid for doing what they love on social media. You can earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for creating good content, finding good content, and commenting on good content. What is Bitcoin Cash? Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency, peer-to-peer electronic cash and a payment network. It allows fast and cheap microtransactions. Read more about Bitcoin Cash here. How can I earn for cr...