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Years ago, i was taking an afternoon nap in my bed. When i awake, i noticed something on my chair. My chair is, which i use when i sit in the front of my computer. Which i did all the time. I noticed that this thing is crawling on my chair. I got up to observe it closely. It was a fucking huge spider. A very scary, probably dangerous one. I quickly decided to kill it. I was barely able to move,...
Ultimately time is an illusion, yet it feels as real as reality in dreams. Really only the current instant exists. We can make time feel and seem real. I like the idea of infinite time and infinite space. Nothing is impossible then.
Whether or not Jesus literally resurrected from the dead, the idea of resurrection (and that death is ultimately illusory if humans can be resurrected) is the important part that some people will always believe in. Jesus is a perhaps the most important quasi historical example of the idea of resurrection (and overcoming death) being implanted into the consciousness of humans. These are reasons peo...
Spirituality. Image Source: [https://goo.gl/images/VAEU7C ](https://goo.gl/images/VAEU7C) Men who prays power and pelf, Goes down in scale of spirituality. And so they are deprived of, Their noble path and critical judgement of duty. The creation and destruction of the Universe, Both these stand fictious. But this world naturally exists forever, The multidious living thing...