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PRIVILEGE: "A particular and peculiar benefit or advantage enjoyed by a person, company, or class, beyond the common advantages of other citizens." Is selling your property a privilege or a RIGHT? (Do you really have to collect "sales-tax"? -USA) Dave Champion (a nationally renowned subject matter expert makes it crystal clear here! (7-min video) ________ Disclaimer I am not an attorney, accountant or CPA. I am not giving tax advice. I am just trying to shed some light on information that most may not be aware of and while we still have some degree of freedom of speech left, I will continue to do so! What anyone does or does not do with this information is up to them. I have no affiliation with Dave Champion or any other entity discussed herein.
In a previous post I’ve explored the concept of coins. Nevertheless, there was another important concept that I’ve only mentioned briefly which is that of “ownership”. Using the physical wallet analogy, it’s intuitive that if you have a coin in your wallet then you own it and you can spend it. Restricted physical access is the criteria used for ownership. But, in bitcoin, every coin is “out there”...
Like any place in the physical world, we inhabit a metaphysical place. A position we all are aware of, but never make note of. Is this position someone holds in a metaphysical space. This table is an attempt to distinguish individuals and their temporal metaphysical place. 1. So you understand the place you inhabit yourself. 2. So you understand the place an individual opposite of you is inha...
Currently, in many places, when someone poses “an immediate danger” to their-self, police and in turn psychiatrists can detain them for treatment. This is despite not having broken any laws. If someone’s life is so miserable and weary of life that they want to end it, should not they be allowed to? Should not they be allowed to do this in as peaceful a way possible? It seems they should be offered...