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Down the rabbit hole…HODL, Bitcoin, Blockchain--what chain?  But the doubts, the skeptics, the FUD. Do your own research.
There's no place like home, the same old same old is comforting for some. Then there are those who leap towards the shiny and the new. Is that you?
Today, after reading his story, I emailed him… *********************************************** I just read your article about how Metacritic's ranking system is better than Rotten Tomatoes' system. You're correct that preference intensity matters, but this is more reliably measured by spending than by voting. There's a very new website where money can be used to rank content… https://hone...
Cain's idea to promote bitcoin cash (BCH), if I'm understanding it correctly, is for there to be a website where people can collaboratively create lists and use their BCH to help rank the items.  This is a really great idea, but it's something that could be easily done here on Honest Cash using two different methods…  1. replies 2. tags    The reply method would work as follows.  In this pos...
Last night while the rest of my family was sleeping, I binged the new Netflix movie Bird Box along with the new Black Mirror episode called Bandersnatch. I'll start with the Sandra Bullock movie and give Bird Box a solid 7 out of 10. I don't want to give anything away, but it's in the doomsday or post-apocalyptic film genre. The execution is great. You'll get sucked in and just keep on going. I...