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After seeing things on social media no parent could unsee, I decided to do something about it A year ago, I spent months undercover on the popular video-making app, Musical.ly. (It’s since been renamed. Nice try, but we see you hiding your lame-app self behind TikTok.) My commitment to using the app as an engrossed child, and not a mildly interested adult, led me on a distressing journey into a social network where kids as young as eight sexually objectify themselves. I found hundreds of self-harm videos that showed suicide options — bathtubs filling, images of blades, a child’s voice saying she didn’t want to live anymore. It only got worse from there. Nearly every kid in my daughter’s fifth grade class was using Musical.ly to film themselves or each other. Parents insisted the app was harmless fun. (And it can be — initially.) I was prepared for my findings to be met with silence. No one will ever read this, I said to my husband as I published the resulting article, *it’s way too long. Parents don’t have time to dive into this sewage. *I went to bed that night acutely aware that I’d spent the last few months pushing a Sisyphean boulder up a mountain only to, probably, discover it sitting at the bottom again come morning. Wow. Was I ever wrong. Not only did parents dive into the sewage with me, they continue to sort through it even now, bringing to light things I missed a year ago. The article has now been read and shared by over a million people across the globe. The lesson I learned? Don’t do nothing just because you can’t do everything. Since publication, the question I’m most often asked is: Did you buckle under pressure and give your daughter a smartphone for middle school, or did you strap some old soup cans to her body and tell her to shake wildly if she needs to reach you? The answer: I bought her a Gizmo Gadget watch. And it’s been great! I call her, she calls me. I can text and send reminders from my smartphone to her watch, for which I pay a monthly fee of $5. She can text back limited characters. She can also leave me voice messages, which she sometimes does in whisper-screams from school: “You packed me apples again! Everyone else gets Doritos. This needs to STOP!” I’m not sure how long she’ll have the watch, but it’s been the perfect device for our needs since she started school last fall. I’ve been looking at the Light Phone II — a “dumb” 4G phone that seems too good to be true. It’s beautifully designed, non-addictive, and smart in its own Zen way. It’s not available yet, but when it is, I’ll take two: one for my daughter and one for me! It’s high time I break up with my soul-sucking smartphone. That question is one of dozens I’ve received about raising kids who abstain from social media. (I don’t like the word *abstain, *it sounds like asbestos. Let’s say opt out.) After talking and emailing with hundreds of parents over the past year, I’ve compiled the most common questions — and my answers — below. No. She has her own iPad and texts from there. And no, she can’t secretly download social media apps because the iPad is technically mine, controlled by my thumbprint. When she wants an app, she walks her iPad over to me and says, “Can I get this?” and then I use my thumbprint to get it for her. Or not. Safari is not enabled on the iPad; instead, she FaceTimes, texts, and plays loads of games. The best part is that it doesn’t fit in her back pocket, so it’s not with her everywhere she goes. It stays home, like a heavy Zenith TV from the old days. Sometimes we even set a bowl of fruit on top of it as decor. Instagram accounts receive clusters of “follow requests” from porn bots. There’s isn’t much you can do to prevent that — even if your child’s account is private — but here’s what you can do: tell your kid to forget she ever read that offer to “text and F@*! ugly girls here,” then try not to think about the profile image that will forever live in her list of “blocked accounts.” Or — and I know this is going to sound crazy but stay with me here — just say no to Instagram? (If you need more convincing, read this. It’s by a child psychiatrist.) The goal is not to make your kid feel like a lone wolf howling beneath a black sky with nary the warm glow of a screen to keep her warm. The goal is to grow her pack. There’s strength and solidarity in numbers. If her closest friends opt out too, it might be easier. Need help recruiting her friends’ parents to the cause? Officer Gomez is an SRO (a Student Resource Officer) at a middle school. He is a police officer trained to protect children from school shooters, predators, bullies, drugs, cyber crimes, and the big one: their own stupidity. I watched the below video, mouth agape, barely pausing to breathe, let alone eat the salty snacks I’d brought into bed with my laptop. Start watching seven minutes in. Follow his Facebook page. This SRO is doing heroic work. He needs his own comic book and origin story from DC. I’ve got a byline for the blockbuster: Officer Gomez, not just a cop from Idaho. Yes. She also begs for a new puppy, but I’m fairly certain her life isn’t ruined because we only have one dog. When the begging starts, I remind my daughter that some parents won’t allow slime-making in the house. I’m the mom who buys slime-making material in bulk. I let her friends come over and destroy my house with slime. I try to say yes more than *no *when it comes to most age-appropriate (albeit annoying) interests a preteen might have — yes, even those that come in app form. For example, I say yes to creativity iPad apps, even if they cost a few dollars. There are some very cool drawing apps out there. Since you’re not dropping hundreds on a smartphone with monthly data fees, consider spending $20 on a drawing stylus. My daughter sketched the drawing below using a stylus on a $10 app called Procreate, which I said yes to because I’m the BEST MOM EVER (according to her, after I greenlit the purchase). You can even “splurge” on one of those pen holder thingies for the iPad if your kid is the kind that loses stuff. And if your kid does lose the stylus, no need to pull a Heath Ledger Joker Face. He didn’t lose a $700 smartphone. I feel bad for kids who carry around that kind of responsibility. Children used to want ponies, but we didn’t burden them with the responsibility of caring for one: “Timmy, this pony is yourresponsibility. If you lose it or it dies, my wrath will destroy you psychologically. Do you understand?” Timmy gulps, nods. Another way to compensate for being the meanest mom in the world is to give your kid an “art desk.”* *I bought ours at IKEA for 50 bucks. It’s big and plain and looks like a table. (Important note: We live in a small house. Seriously. Our house is super small. The desk is like an extended member of the family.) I keep it stocked with unusual art supplies, which continue to be more affordable than a smartphone. When my daughter’s friends come over, they gravitate toward the desk. Everything is right there, within reach. Why an art desk? Kids are often bored, aimless, and lost in a fog of their own misery. An art desk is the clink clank clink of a distant carnival tune. It draws them out of the fog and into a candy land of gel pens, mod podge, acrylics, watercolor markers, and coloring books full of farting cats. Preteens are “all in” when it comes to adorably flatulent Kawaii kitties. Art is something to do. Isn’t that what social media is, too? You don’t have to be good at either to pass the time, but I’m fairly confident working with messy, raw materials to create something beats chasing rainbows in the shallows of social media. Do you let your 10-year-old drive the car around town so she’s prepared to drive the highways when she’s 16? We don’t have to prepare our 10-year-old for being 13 or 16 or 27. We can just let her be 10. Kids don’t belong to parents. Their childhood is on loan to us. It’s our job to raise the kid part the best we can, and then they’re supposed to take it from there. It’s an extraordinary responsibility, isn’t it? To be entrusted with another person’s handful of childhood years. We want to raise our kids to be self-directed, strong, independent thinkers. Social media prompts them to over-examinethe lives of their friends, enemies, celebrities, YouTubers, and an endless parade of strangers and porn bots. The result of this constant “examining” can leave a child feeling empty, or worse: not pretty or funny or talented or well-liked enough. Social media isn’t a game kids play, it’s an online identity they cultivate. If you haven’t yet handed over the social media keys to your kids, stay strong. We got this, parents. We can do this.
Drawing structural lines in time concentrated on the search for the apex Being creating effective methods that will save us from destruction Float in the transit of the acoustic surface with the correct substance Self-taught in time being a pioneer in the processes of learning and execution Beginning the trajectory in the future that captures the moments of the time Immersed in the science of new technologies, inhabitant of the cosmos Analyzing indivisible sustainable reflexes that create the benefits of our effectiveness Always using vital fancy words in the content profile Through art as the greatest expression that gives us privileges in the precise circumstances Contemplating the imminent healing of the sublime awakening of the nation in transition. I hope you enjoyed it.
Today, February 22nd, the great concert for humanitarian aid to raise $100 million is taking place in the city of Cúcuta, organized by billionaire Richard Branson. The truth has seemed to me an excellent idea because it not only raises funds for so many people in my country who need it, but also leaves in evidence the authoritarian and criminal regime of dictator Nicolas Maduro, who blocked the bridge of Tienditas to prevent the entry of aid. In the concert where thousands of people are arriving to see the presentations and support the cause, more than 32 confirmed international artists will perform, the whole planet will have its eyes on this concert because it represents an incredible event for the freedom of a nation, where a great number of supportive countries and friends of the sovereign people of Venezuela are demonstrating the best of humanity. To make donations from anywhere in the world for this noble cause just do the following: 1- Go to the website https://venezuelaaidlive.com/ and click on "Donate for Venezuela". Within the same page you also have the option to see the concert live. I hope that everyone on this platform committed to the best causes on the planet, support this event for freedom and can spread this great concert for the world to make its contribution to the liberation of Venezuela.
"Hello, is this Mr. Henderson?" There was no real reason for me to pick up the phone. The spam app on my cell called out the mystery number right away. But, hell, I thought. Fuck it. There was no one else left in life for me to talk to. Even a debt collector sounded good at the moment. My wife was murdered in 2015. There really isn’t an easy way to say that other than getting it out of the way early. It was a random robbery gone wrong. One rainy night, some sick tweaking fuck snuck into our house and shot her. The suspect was caught, two days later, and sentenced to life in prison. He still sits there today. I have worked in web development ever since. The job is remote, and the field caters to my hermit-like behavior out here in the woods of northern New Jersey. The lack of drug testing is really just an added benefit. I was perfectly free to fuck up the remainder of my own life. I don't have any friends, anymore. Not really. Sometimes… I guess it is easy to look for companionship in all the wrong places. "Senior or junior?" I replied to the lady with a sigh before settling into the armchair in my office with a bottle of wine. It was raining that night. The wind whipped the old pine tree in our back yard so hard I thought it might topple. "Uhh… Senior," said the pretty, calm voice on the other line. She sounded familiar, but I blamed that notion on the half empty bottle of wine. "Apologies, ma'am, but… Senior died six years ago." I said, a little annoyed at the lack of record keeping at this place. She paused. "Oh gosh… gosh that is not what we have here. I am so sorry, Sir. We were not aware. Please forgive the intrusion and assumption. Would you mind pausing while I check my records?" A filing cabinet clicked steadily in the background as static crinkled. My guess was that the woman held the receiver to her shoulder. I chuckled a bit at the lack of audio quality. "No, no, no that is okay, no problem at all. No worries. Why don't you start by telling me your name?" I asked, cursing myself for the hint of shameless flirting at the end. She giggled. Something about that laugh was very familiar. "My name is Emily, and I work with his credit card company," she said in a rehearsed tone. "Unfortunately, we cannot divulge which firm over the phone if you are not on the account… which uh… you just admitted yourself, of course…" "Okay.” "I am guessing that you are Mr. Henderson's son," she mumbled while audibly thumbing through papers. "Yes ma'am, that's right. But it's been years… I could not possibly be stuck with the old man’s debt, right?" I asked hopefully. "Well, let's check, shall we?" there was a panicked shuffling and opening of books in the background. "I am so sorry, Sir," she replied with a regretful tone. "The rules are in one of those three-ring binders, and they are very difficult to find. Please hold for a moment." "That's okay… did not know anybody still kept records that way… do I get an e-mail confirmation of this charge as well?" I asked. "Excuse me?" "Email… like… electronic mail. A confirmation of the charge?" I asked again, allowing my confusion to turn to frustration. What was this lady’s problem? "We don’t do that here… still a few years away from all those fancy features,” she continued. “But as you know, late payments are a pretty serious issue. They can even affect the credit score of an individual when a large amount has not been paid." "Okay, okay, of course," I said, genuinely starting to grow worried and a bit flustered. "What can I do?" "Is there a Mrs. Henderson in the household?" she asked quietly. "Mrs. Henderson died in ‘06,” "What year did you say? Oh my gosh. That is so horrible. I really am batting one thousand today." I gasped. That was it. That phrase. I don't know if it was the way she said it, or the fact that simply not that many people used that exact language. But as soon as she did… something clicked in my memory. My wife worked for a credit card company, before we met. Her name was also Emily. The voice sounded like hers… but it was younger. More hopeful than I remembered. "What is your last name?" I asked. The line was silent. "Look, look, I know that's a weird question. But please, I think we know each other.” "I can't give that information out…" she started "Okay. Did you go to Jefferson Memorial High School?" "Yes…" she said, astonished. "How did you know that?" It was impossible. Emily was dead. The voice on the phone barely even sounded like her. It was younger, happier, more optimistic. This type of dream was actually the type of thing that had kept me up a million sleepless nights in the past. And yet, I was awake. Could it be a coincidence? "Is your mother's name Eva?" There was silence on the other end of the line. Then her mouse-like reply confirmed my suspicions. "Who is this?" I took a deep breath. Either I understood what was happening, or I lost my mind. Might as well enjoy the ride. “This next question is going to sound strange. What is today's date?" "I am sorry, Sir… what..? One moment." She paused and shuffled around some more papers. "Today's date is July 9th, 1999." It was impossible. Could it be the storm? The anniversary of her death? "Emily, listen to me." "Okay, Sir, this conversation is getting a little strange… let's keep it to the payment plan…" "Listen to me very carefully…. One day…. one day you are going to meet a man. You are going to love him, Emily. And he will love you more than you ever know.” I had to give her something to remember. “On your first holiday together, he will buy you one gift for all twelve days of Christmas.” "Sounds dreamy," she replied with a laugh and a sigh. “Are you one of those psychics?" "I am serious. You will marry this man, Emily. He will buy you the ring you always wanted. The ceremony will be In a beautiful one in your home town. Your entire family will be there, including Aunt Zelda and your grandma from Tennessee.." “I like this fortune cookie,” she said with dripping sarcasm. “But two years later, on July 9th, 2015, you will be murdered in the home you share together.” She shifted the phone nervously. "So what do I do?” First, I tried to tell her to avoid the house that day. To never date me, to stay away forever and find a better life somewhere else. But somewhere in the middle of my rant, the line disconnected to the tune of a blood curdling scream. I called back to find a non-working number. She never answered again. I fell asleep listening to the thunder rolling through the sky. The scream from that night repeated from time to time while flashes of her body on the floor occasionally invaded my mind. I never questioned the call. I never asked why. Maybe it was God; maybe it was just time. But yesterday morning, when I woke up… Emily was by my side.
Welcome to my token sale and Benefit for me! The Benefit is because I am starting over on wealth building after U.S. Homeland Security came and searched my home and farm for like 12 hours in June (2018). They took all my money, Crypto, computers, bank accounts, exchange accounts, passwords, backup passwords, phones, etc.. I have not been charged with anything and have serious doubts their search warrant was justified. They have not returned any of my property yet. I can't really talk about it but, it seems they think I was buying cash in the mail with Bitcoin (on the darknet). I'm guessing/hopeful they tricked a judge into thinking that would be illegal. Anyway, my finances are a mess and I assume they are monitoring me while building a case. My federal public defender seems pretty good, but, I am not sure anyone local understands the issues yet. I'm not even sure local law enforcement understands them, lol. I am currently the subject of a federal investigation, so, all of these offers are subject to them being legal. I don't think I need a "money transmitter" license to sell these, but, I believe the Feds can be imaginative about such things. If you send me crypto I may have to admit where I got it, so, best not to link darknet monies to me unless you know what you are doing privacy wise. I assume they can kinda track it through regular mixing services now. ---------------------------------- Simple Ledger Protocol *** Fun Token Sale! *** Fun coins (SLP Tokens) (for sending to others?) 200 of any one kind on sale for 0.002 BCH (about 28 cents on Feb 20th). Also, 200 of your choice (one kind per up-vote) FREE with any Big Bubbler "post or reply upvote" on HC (let me know what up-votes your redeeming). Past up-votes count. Please don't up-vote unless you liked the post or reply. Let me know choice(s) and your Badger Wallet or SLP-version of Electron Cash's wallet's SLP address(es) that you want them sent to. Warning: Sending SLP tokens to non-SLP wallets probably destroys them. They will probably fix that issue soon. SLP is new and improving regularly. Full disclosure: You can make tokens like these fun ones yourself. Offer and terms may change at any time. ***FUN Token Options ***(200 of one kind for 0.002 BCH, 5,000 at the same price each for 0.05 BCH): FreeHugs Faketoshi LOL LuckyCoin (Imbued with as much Luck-of-the-Irish and Earth Magic as I could muster) GetLucky FunTimes MyLove ROFL Enrage Encouragement (buying this or any of my token offerings can be a way to encourage me to do things like write something, answer questions, resist oppression, etc.. Let me know what ya have in mind or leave it up to me.) CUSTOM Fun Tokens with any allowed name available. Same price, Minimum purchase 5000 of that kind for 0.05BCH (about $7.00 US). 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Wands are currently out of stock (I can make more eventually) and I don't want to ship bubble mix (heavy liquids). Really Big Bubbles require special conditions to work well. Smaller bubbles to amaze children work most any time and place. Large outdoor lawns are great. I suggest you discuss your desired purchase before buying the tokens if your really serious about using them to buy Bubble stuff. WetRocker Tokens (100 for $1.00 US, about 0.007 BCH) Big Bubbler owns a Flower Farm! (https://www.facebook.com/Wet-Rock-Gardens-Flower-Farm-377927594878) WetRocker Tokens can be traded for U-Pick Cut Flowers, U-Dig Plants and Farm Event-Venue Rentals with optional add-ons such as a large burning firepit, Manned Wood-Fired Pizza Oven, Bubble Show, Small Music Stage (no roof yet), Staffed Smoothie Machine, Raft Trip Shuttle, Etc.. It is a small farm with no good bathroom yet (portables can be rented). Great for company picnics, bubble parties and late night partys. 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South Africa has been ranked as the top country for ownership of cryptocurrency, according to a global survey by social media management company Hootsuite and global agency Wearesocial. The survey found that 10.7 percent of internet users in the country own cryptocurrency. Thailand is second, with 9.9 percent of mobile users owning cryptocurrency and Indonesia third with 9.5 percent, while the global average was 5.5 percent. Africa Steadily Embraces Cryptocurrency The Global Digital Report 2019 also placed other sub-Saharan African countries such as Ghana and Kenya within the top 45 nations in the world where a large number of people owned cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. The results were based on the survey of internet users aged between 16 to 64 years during the six months to September 2018. The survey confirms that Africa has embraced the digital currency revolution. A growing number of people on the continent are utilizing cryptocurrency to fulfill both personal financial needs and entrepreneurial ventures such as transferring goods, services and money internationally and domestically. There is also an emerging generation of Africans buying virtual currencies as investment vehicles, while a relatively small number of Africans trade digital currencies speculatively for profit. In, 2018, Paxful Inc., a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange, reported seeing significant growth in Africa. The U.S.-based company said Africans now accounted for the largest number of people buying and selling cryptocurrency on its platform, with average monthly transactions totaling $64.5 million. Over the past year, users from the African continent of 1.2 billion people soared by 225 percent, Ray Youssef, chief executive officer of Paxful, said. Transactions on the exchange climbed 60 percent in Nigeria, Africa’s biggest economy, 25 percent in South Africa, the continent’s most sophisticated economy, and by up to 100 percent in other parts of Africa. South Africa Consults on Crypto Regulation The top ranking for South African cryptocurrency ownership comes at a time when monetary authorities in the country have asked the public to make submissions on policy and regulatory proposals for crypto assets like bitcoin. There is currently no regulation for cryptocurrencies in South Africa, a situation which has prompted the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) to come up with measures that provide legal protection or recourse to investors and users. Whereas the rest of the South African financial system is tightly regulated to prevent issues of market failure, the crypto market isn’t, SARB said. In its policy paper, the central bank makes several proposals including leaving crypto-assets without legal tender status, so as not to recognize them as electronic money. The document also recommends that an appropriate regulatory framework be developed through a registration process for crypto-asset service providers. It also proposes a review of existing regulatory frameworks followed by new regulatory requirements or amendments to existing regulations. “The phased approach, starting with the registration requirement, could lead to formal authorization and designation as a registered/licensed provider for crypto asset services operating in South Africa at a later stage,” states the central bank. source: news.bitcoin.com
I am just asking you if you think Honest Cash can be the next Medium? Or the next Steemit?
It appears to be a form of universal intuition that sound can deeply affect our physiological and emotional states. We see this in the meditative trance state induced by the chants of Buddhist monks. One could claim that far removed from spiritual practice, we can hear that one tune dropped in the club which instantly fills up the dance-floor and forces you to jack your body -- although I would say the presence or lack of spirituality here is up for debate. The takeaway is that music is a universal language understood by all. Consider the tired mother singing her baby a lullaby or the high pitched whistle inserted by John Lennon to irritate dogs at the end of 'Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band' – this effect of sound even extends from young to old and even beyond humans as a species. In my own experience I’ve always found a particular piece of music to find solace in while navigating the choppier waters of this life. One group decided to take this idea to it’s logical extreme – and so it is my pleasure to introduce Marconi Union – a three-piece electronic outfit from Manchester, England. They decided to create music that could confirm our intuition and vindicate the knowledge already attained by experts in the field of sound healing. This desire manifested itself in the group’s 2011 track 'Weightless', created in collaboration with the British Academy of Sound Therapy. Listen to Weightless here. :) When you first listen to 'Weightless', you may become conscious of an instant change in your mental and physiological state. This is no coincidence but a pre-meditated scientifically studied sum of causes. 'Weightless' is the result of a set of carefully composed rhythmic structures, non-repeating melody and field recordings engineered to create a lush, sprawling 8-minute musical voyage. This thoughtful composition has been shown to slow the listener’s heart rate, reduce blood pressure and even lower our levels of cortisol (commonly referred to as the ‘stress hormone’). Leading expert Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson of Mindlab International, the institution which carried out the research, came to the conclusion that listening to 'Weightless' could reduce anxiety by up to 65%, in addition to a 35% reduction in the test subjects’ standard physiological resting rates. When we hear chart hits, being able to predict the next note of a track is the rule rather than the exception. This creates engaging hooks that lodge in our brains and keep you up at night as ‘Baby Shark’ plays on repeat, having infiltrated your very psyche. A quick tip for those suffering from an endlessly looping track in their end is to listen to the song right through to the end… and voila, the glitch in your brain can be fixed: your life is no longer buffering. You see: our brains are essentially lazy. Our mind is constantly looking for shortcuts and will eventually drift off when we can no longer predict what is coming next in a musical piece. Like the rain following the plough, our bodies react in accordance. Rhythms compel us to act: sometimes the physical urge will give way to the mental and vice-versa, but it stems from our mind's interpretation of sound. Psychedelic pioneers Funkadelic hit the nail on the head all the way back in 1970 when they urged listeners to "Free your mind and your ass will follow". So when study participants were listening to tracks such as Weightless, they were instructed to complete puzzles which would increase stress levels. The participants were connected to sensors to allow for measurement of stress indicators, and were played different compositions. 'Weightless' emerged as the clear winner -- a testament to the power of sound and its mysterious ability to change our state of consciousness.  If you enjoyed this piece, I would recommend listening to Kelly Lee Owen's eponymous debut LP. Kelly Lee Owen's relaxed electronica draws from her own time spent working in a lung cancer ward -- and her subsequent realisation of the healing power of music. If you do listen to 'Weightless', I would love to hear your thoughts! Read more about KLO here, and don't forget support the artists! ;)
Much has been written lately about humanitarian aid in my country Although I do not try to take a political position on this, considering it is humanitarian, for anyone is an open secret for more than 15 years the strenuous crisis that my fellow citizens are suffering in the country. And the reason is not for less daunting: every minute inflation gains ground in a country where there are many birds of prey waiting for any fool to fall into their clutches for, worth the redundancy, tear it. A shows an example lived recently with a package of diapers for children: a price consulted in the establishment in question indicated that it was worth (for the time of purchase) $ 3.45 and the return of walking just 1 km on foot, it indicated exactly in the same place $ 4.55. It is worth noting that the time elapsed was just 90 minutes. Examples like this exist a lot in a hyperinflationary country, in addition to one of ex-officio speculators that leads even more to a spiral of poverty to the most deprived. For my friends who are outside, they do not understand (and I do not blame them, it also cost me to understand it after I return) how can an average family of five people live? With a basic salary of $ 5.62 a month when the basic family basket is estimated at about $ 250 in the same period. Difficult to believe true? … But that's how simple people SURVIVE and are literally dying little by little, especially those sick people who do not have the financial capacity to supply food, less medicines at international prices calculated to the parallel dollar that reigns in the country . Now, the purpose of the above is simply to expose in a clear and unabashed context a reality that many read, but sincerely few deepen and to understand the main point of the post, which is the issue in question; it is necessary to know reality in a practical way. In a country with 27 million inhabitants (4 million are said to have left), with hyperinflation and no productive capacity, with an impoverished population of more than 80% it is logical to think that humanitarian aid is necessary. But there is a fundamental theme of all this; and it is that humanitarian aid unfortunately like many initiatives of this type; They are nothing more than hot water cloths. Worse yet, most of these helps do not finally reach the people who really need it. And in the case of Venezuela, where a regime openly opposes this type of collaboration in order to control its population with hunger and make them dependent on its rulers, as a Russian-Cuban socialist recipe; It is logical to think that there will be saboteurs by trade to try to make a major failure of this structure. Therefore, to avoid this type of feasible scenarios that in the country have been seen in abundance with other similar intentions and not as similar as the electoral votes; there is a real way to empower the most disadvantaged population without the political dye that characterizes today's aid and thus achieve complement it; by using cryptocurrencies. HOW? Through initiatives such as GiveCrypto, eatBHC, and other similar volunteers who have demonstrated in Reddit subgroups such as Banana Coin, Nano, Dash; the real help could be diverse, direct and beneficial to the most displaced population, the poorest and most vulnerable that can not read, write, let alone VOTE for a party or candidate; but you really need to feed your children or grandparents that last up to two days on average to feed once a day. In addition, I go beyond .. An initiative of registration in the Blockchain of all the beneficiaries integrated with the copy of your DNI attached to the file of the transaction would make this type of system more transparent to guarantee a real monitoring of the distribution of resources . On the other hand, the integration as a test in a first stage for businesses with payment systems in cryptocurrencies (read Button payment in the style of BCH, points of sale integrated with wallets, etc) would allow in a country with high index of insecurity can really achieve a mass use of criptmonedas for this type of aid, since publicly expose to scan a QR with a smartphone in public in Venezuela is a reality that costs to death. Finally, in a medium term the evangelization of this type of practices will allow many individuals who do not know about crypts but if they handle a smartphone for social networks, know the technology and with the previous point anchored; Grow your education and interest in the subject. This will ultimately be a major benefit for many in the ecosystem obviously. It is worth noting that in the poor neighborhoods of the country, where 90% do not currently have access to medicines and just over half of them regularly; It is paradoxical to observe them with smartphones in their homes and jobs and even Internet connection and computer equipment in their homes. My long journey through poor, rural and deprived areas due to my work in the field; It has allowed me to meet with that paradoxical contrast. Hence, the probability of success in a country destroyed but with high culture and cybernetic penetration as we call it here is very high. Only lack will, resources and find the right people without political interests of any dye to help the needy. In general, for initiatives of this kind to be successful, it is essential to think in the short term of: 1.- System of registration of beneficiaries in a public Blockchain. 2.- Capacity to provide points of sale in crypts or payment buttons for shops. 3.- Legal and technical advice to the merchants to comply with their obligations derived from the use of cryptocurrencies. 4.- Education and simple technical disclosure to the beneficiaries and volunteers in general. 5.- Direct distribution of funds through crypt payment systems and eventually through convertibility bonds in fiduciary currencies for cases where data connections are not available and difficult penetration. For example, send funds in crypts to a representative, just as most organizations do, then allow that exchange of funds through a DEX exchange or P2P type like Localbitcoins to change to local currency that allows purchases of food in areas remote to deliver help in real time. PD: I do not represent any NGO, political party, much less GiveCrypto, eatBCH or similar.
I have been thinking about the open-source DGoods project working to standardize token standards for EOS developers to make it so people can own their in-game, in-VR world and even in-real-world items as a transferable token. I had a vision of my game character stepping through an in-game portal to another world or into a VR "hub" with portals to many games and other VR worlds. Sort of a Hub cafe ...
Drown out the noise, there's another way, it's clearer now. Consistency, please.
rorschach blotter soaked into bitter spittle, ink loaded heavy in my pen - and clumsy on the outlet, thoughts drowned quicker than bricks inside a bag of kittens, bound and tossed swiftly into winter's murky river, shattered squid attacks straight-shafted the first draft, redacted all detail of what it means to be a quitter.
Permissionless, decentralized, non-custodial, peer-to-peer. The beacon of hope, a new currency, a new lifestyle is there, it's up to you to make it work. But how?
i'm dipping my toes into the waters of music production once more -- take a listen if you're a fan of Madvillain, MF DOOM or just have ears and a couple of minutes to kill ;) you can check it out here! props to youtuber Redcomet_ for the acapella.
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https://d.tube/#!/v/acfautv/lx4pj37u Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) (Using Honest.cash and DTube to avoid the censorship) This is I'll call for an uprising. Welcome to today's show folks. Today'S episode, i would say, is up: there is one of the most important ones for you to watch. Ok, this is very important information. This will help. You understand why we're in the predicament we're in I'll help, you understand, mind, control and how it really works and how we're all under this hypnosis that we've been put under by the Antichrist system. Ok, for starters, the word mind-control. You need to separate from thinking that it's some crazy conspiracy theory word and it's not true. Your brain is like a computer. It could be programmed to believe this to believe that can be molded. It could be manipulated. That'S how the human brain works. Ok and television is the number one way to get somebody under my control, and I will explain to you how, for starters, on average Americans spend over 38 hours a week watching television, which is an insane amount of hours sitting in front of this box? Ok, so it shows you how much people are putting television into their lives, how much of a mainstay it is in their lives. 38 hours, it's almost a full work week for some people. Okay, so you have to understand the brain I'm going to do this, as simply as I can, I'm not going to go crazy here with big words and confuse you, but let's think of it in two different ways: right. Your brain works in two phases: okay, beta waves and alpha waves; okay, beta waves, that's when you're awake, you're, doing critical thinking; okay, you're, making choices in a beta state. An alpha state is deep: relaxation; okay, it's like daydreaming or being in hypnosis. Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) Okay studies have been done that when you turn on the TV and you watch the television in under 60 seconds, your brain goes from being in a beta state into an alpha state. Okay, so they go from a beta into an alpha. Alpha state is a it's a passive learning experience. Okay, it's the right side of your brain is taking control. Your left side, which does critical thinking, is now shutting off. Okay, you can still learn while you were in an alpha state. You just can't decode things. So when you're watching TV, okay and the left side of your brain is off and they're pushing stuff on the news, they're pushing propaganda, they're, pushing new music artists are telling you. This is great, and that is great. Your beta waves and your brain are not functioning. Your alpha waves are can't decode what's going on, but it's taking all the information in and it's storing it. It'S like you're, an autopilot right, you're watching it, but you're you're in a daydreaming state and you're, just taking in all the information that you're not really questioning it or decoding it, you're, just watching it because you're under hypnosis in a sense and you're. Storing all this information in your head without decoding it, okay, thus you are in a hypnotic state. So when you see news anchors talking the way they talk right and they say well, this person went to a news anchor school. They learn to talk this way and look you right in the eyes notice how they always are looking you in the eyes or looking in the camera lens: okay, just like a hypnotist you're, getting sleepy right, they're, looking right into your eyes, speaking in this monotone, yet Authoritative voice, while you're in a hypnotic state and they're force-feeding you false information and lies. Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) So while your brain is in the alpha state, it's taking all this information and it's just storing it. Okay and at some point, you're going to use it like the next day. At a water-cooler at work, you might bring up something you heard on the news and then talk about it like it's real, but you never decoded it. You'Ve pretty much picked up this information without even knowing it, okay, but what they do. Is they desensitize your brain? Okay, so, while you're in a hypnotic state and you're in an alpha state watching these shows or watching the news, okay, they're desensitizing, you like when we see movies over and over at the same plot of this attack, that's coming from above. It'S alien attack right there desensitizing your brain for when it happens, you're not going to react and jump out of your seat because you're even desensitized to it you've been conditioned. That'S part of the conditioning process. Okay and you can do things in your regular day-to-day life. In an alpha state so just like, when you tie your shoes you're in an alpha state, the first time you tie your shoes you're in a beta state right because you're learning how to tie you've, never tied a shoe before up here. It is I'm learning how to do it now. It'S just common nature right. You know how to tie it. Just like driving a car people jump in an alpha state because it's just a routine, which is scary in a sense because you should be in a beta stages. You always should be aware and looking around, but you can slip in and out from a beta to an alpha, but when you're watching TV you are in an alpha state, okay, so they can force feed you information and without your brain being able to debunk it Because the beta part of your brain is shut off, so there's no critical thinking going on, and this is how we've gotten to where we are today, because nobody is critically thinking everybody's, getting force-fed information that acting like they know everything believing that it's the truth, because they heard it on a TV because they are under hypnosis, then they go out and they regurgitate this false information. And then, when people like me or other people out there trying to get the truth out their talk, they say these people are crazy man to hear these people and it's really embarrassing on there and because they're under such hypnosis that hearing anything other than what they've Been told under this hypnotic state hearing anything that questions it or is different from it, their body just completely shuts down and puts a wall up, attacking it right. Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) They attack people attack conspiracy, theorists quote uncle or people truthers. They attack you because they have a wall up, they have a wall up because they've been forced to believe lies and information and they've never used critical thinking. Okay, they never try to debunk anything. They'Ve never questioned anything they've heard because the hypnotic state they were in completely brainwashed them into believing false information. Okay and then, when they carry over to a beta state, which probably barely happens this day and age, because people are under mind-control 24/7 because they're on their devices 24/7. So when you look down and see somebody constantly on their phone they're in a an alpha state. Okay, so it's important to know the difference between the two and that's why we are where we are because nobody's using critical thinking, nobody's questioning these things, because when they're in an alpha state and they're under this hypnosis they're getting force-fed all this false information, they're getting Told who to like right, like Katy, Perry like Rihanna, okay, these are the foods you should eat. This is the music you should listen to. This is who you should vote for here. Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) Are your two fake presidential candidates? You get to pick you get to vote, get out there and vote it matters believing in this false system that they've set up which isn't real right, because none of it's real, it's a controlled reality. They already have everything predetermined. They already know who the president's going to be. They know what events are going to happen because they plan them out, but by keeping you in hypnosis in an alpha state and force feeding you all this information, this false world around us becomes true. Why? Because your brain has process all this information, while it was not critically thinking, okay and it's processing it as truth, because it's never decoded it, it's never tried to question it or try to ask what is this that I'm forgetting to shove down my throat? Okay, then you go back out into the real world, you regurgitate all of this false information and that's how we got to the point that we're at that's: why, in the last 100 so years, everything is run as just guns from zero to a hundred. Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) That's how fast they've assured in the Antichrist movement from the beginning of the Industrial Age, right with everybody having a television in their house, creating false events right, false signs. It'S like the moon, landing and all those things that they've created, because the television you perceive. As truth, you jump in you watch it in alpha state, whatever they show you, your brain, debunks, its truth and reality, because it's not critically thinking or questioning any of it. This information is so vital to understand. Okay and it goes much deeper, but I'm trying to symbolize it, make it as simple as I possibly can, because I know people out there can't listen for longer than 5 to 10 minutes. They can't process this kind of information, because if I use a couple words that they've never heard before, like alpha and beta their brain will shut off and say then it's kind of boring. What what I want to watch the video he did on Rihanna's, or somebody like that? Well, this is the most important information, so I'm trying to symbolize it as much as I possibly can right. There'S two sides: the left and the right, the beta in the Alpha and the hypnosis occurs in the Alpha State. So what I'm saying is: do your best to remain in a beta state, try to remain at a conscious level. It'S amazing! Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) When you look at the studies that they've done from watching TV and going into an alpha state, if you pick up a book and start reading, you jump right back into a beta state, because your brain is using critical thought: okay, you're using you're, not in a Hypnotic trance, when you're, when you're reading a book so you're using your beta, but it's television, its television they've, learned that through doing studies the Nazi scientists. Okay, how do you think Hitler got all these people behind him through his mind? Control films, a triumph of the will they learned through all these six studies that they did, how to get control of a human beings mind and that's how we are where we are today. That'S why there's so many sheep? That'S why there's so many people out there? You look at them and go wow. This person is beyond an idiot. They can't even process thought because they're, not processing, thought they're getting fed a false doctrine, they're getting fed false lies and they're, perceiving them as reality, and then they walk around like robots, not critically. Thinking and anyone who questions these things they've already been told through watching the TV, because they constantly talk about conspiracy, theorists on the television to desensitize these people and get them conditioned to think that anyone who questions this stuff is a loony living in his parents basement. Okay, who has a false vision of real who's, just a crazy, crazy person, and that's why people jump on people like me or other truthers and attack and say? Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) Oh, this is the know how many people write on my wall and say the funniest thing. I'Ve ever heard and yadda yadda yadda and I don't get upset. I shake my head. I just say man. These people are just so so, like you know, because they don't know about this stuff. They don't know about something like the Kabbalah or something about something like you know, mind control these things. They'Ve never been taught this. So when they hear it, they just think it's crazy and laugh because all I know is a false doctrine. They'Ve heard from the television set, which is just dumb them down to a point where they can't even critically think anymore, so be aware - and I know a lot of people follow this channel - don't watch a lot of TV. Some do that's not a judgment on you. If you do or you don't, we know that nothing but bad comes out of the television set. That'S for sure, but obviously I watch it to follow what agendas they have planned and what they're doing - and I see it because I watch it in a beta state. I always make sure I watch in the beta state, I'm always thinking saying what is this. Why are they saying that got it got it got it taking notes, while I'm watching sometimes that's what you need to do. Try not to ever slip into an alpha say because then they could force-feed you stuff. They can force feed it into your brain. Okay, then you're going to think of it. It'S truth because it's just going to pop up into your mind the next day or a week later or whenever, whenever your brain trigger it gets triggered in your brain, and you have never debunked it because it just got pushed into your head. While you were in an alpha state, so think about these things, think about how simple mind control really is and how true and real it is people here, mind control and they say. Oh, like, like the conspiracy theory, things like this Bourne Supremacy, ha ha ha ha you're crazy, like they're, so naive. Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) To believe that something like that couldn't happen, like think about the brain and how to program and how you have likes and dislikes and things that you do and you don't do, it's all part of basic programming, we've all been programmed and look how civilization has changed As the days of little house in the Prairie to today and the quality of life right and the quality of being independent on your seller to proceed to be dependent on yourself for food and all these things, and now how dependent we are of government. In a socialist world that we live in socialist society, it's only 150 years ago, little lost in the prairies 150 years ago. Ok, building your own house hunting your own food farming, your own stuff, focusing on your family focus, focusing on God right and then 150 years later. Look where we are. There is no God, as the logger allowed in this world right. Nobody knows that it do anything anymore because we're dependent on the government, because we are always in an alpha state. We are always put under this trance and we are never told how to be self-sufficient. Nobody knows how to be self-sufficient because they won't allow you to be self-sufficient. They don't want you to be self-sufficient, okay, because when they are in the Antichrist, they know that you're going to be accepting of the Antichrist for lots of reasons, and they want you to be because they want your soul to go with him. The Antichrist to go to Satan because they know you're going to be dependent on them and you're going to need them, because you can't do anything. I know because you can't freely think you can't figure out. What'S going on it's like. If you see somebody, you take their phone and just say you snap their phone over your leg or you threw it in the water. A person would have a meltdown, a meltdown, they would go bananas, they would probably hit you or try to hit you. They would cry they would go frantic because of how dependent they've made us on the technology right. So even when you're not in front of your TV and you're on your phone out somewhere you're still going into an alpha state because there's so force-feeding you've. Just false information: that's why one of the many reasons other than tracking you they want you to have a cell phone. They want you to have devices always on you, because they can always keep you in this alpha state and that you'll never have a chance to wake up and jump into a beta state. You'Ll always be in an alpha. So you don't have to be in your living room anymore. Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) You can watch TV on the train on the bus at work. Right always always always keeping you asleep. Okay, because that's what the Alpha state is. It'S a it's, a deep relaxation right! It'S a deep relaxation! It'S a hypnotic see it's like daydreaming. So again, these things are important. We watch this video. If you didn't understand it look deeper into mind, control and just how the brain works enough to be a brain surgeon to understand how the brain works. It'S pretty basic. Any things are important because then you can understand how they, how you have been led to feel one way or the other way, because it's through manipulation. When people comment on eyewall about the race, where they refuse to believe that it's it's controlled by the media, they think it's this real thing. Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) That's going on right because, they're being their mind, is being molded and pushed the way that they want it to be pushed. That'S exactly what they want, you to think think. The way they tell you to think, which means don't think believe in our lives. Obey us be dependent on us. I'D never use your brain to critically. Think, and if you hear somebody who speaks against this system, they are a quote/unquote conspiracy theories or a crazy person. You should laugh at them and that's what happens. That'S where we are where we are - and this is just basic mind - control that were under okay, pray to not be under the mind-control pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, pray to the Holy Spirit, pray to our Father that we all are led out of This that we could save our brothers and sisters and get them out of this hypnotic trance that they're in and bring them back to our Father. That'S what matters most here! Thank you for listening to today's show. I hope this information is helpful. Video available on DTube (Audio version of the text with slides) Honest https://honest.cash/profile/ACallForAnUprising Steemit https://steemit.com/@acfautv Twitter https://twitter.com/acfautv Facebook https://www.facebook.com/A-Call-For-An-Uprising-428205471337908
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