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Honest is a social network where you can earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) if you create value. Our mission is to improve the quality of content on the internet and to get people paid for doing what they love.

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[https://d.tube/#!/v/jza/3e9dh7m3 ](https://d.tube/#!/v/jza/3e9dh7m3) Ene este episodio se hablo de lo que la comunidad de Steemit ha estado haciendo despues de la serie de anuncios sobre la solvencia de Steemit Inc y los constantes repudios de la comunidad a la administración. La comunidad no solo ha estado haciendo eso sino también buscando alternativas para reconstruir el blockchain. En este episodio hablamos sobre los cambios que se han dado la semana pasada con el anuncio de Ellie Powell, la nueva CEO de Steemit así como los cambios que se han empezado a hacer dentro de la comunidad. Comparto mi opinión sobre el anunció asi como mis expectativas sobre las cosas que espero que cambien en la comunidad para realmente medir su capacidad como lider y eficiencia a su cargo. Si tienes algunos comentarios, dejalo en este post. Este programa es traido por paccoin, visita [paccoin.net ](http://paccoin.net) y visita su discord en esta direccion: https://discord.gg/S6KQjy Si quieres apoyar directamente dirigete a fundation https://fundition.io/#!/@jza/yr9azfezp
Recently, Honest Cash announced the inclusion of OP_RETURN code. Here’s why it’s beneficial for all our users, in an easy to follow newbie explainer. Upgrades to codes and blockchains, if you’re not a developer, can all seem pretty unrelatable. You may ask; “what do these changes mean to your user experience? What was the problem anyway with the previous code? Or maybe…“What even is code…?”. ...
Here’s a little background about me and what Atom Collector Records is all about and if you fancy it you can listen to some of my music while you read: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fu1eZZ_9pH8 I became a musician a lot later in life than many as I spent my first half century on this planet completely engrossed in family and business. My internet business had done well until Google got gr...
As a realtor, real estate investor, and crypto-ambassador I believe everyone in the world deserves access to sound money. I am excited to learn more about this platform and use it to encourage adoption!
Hello. Am Nurain. A web developer ,Tech geek, Community builder, and Cyrpto enthusiasts #bch. My contents here will be techy and geeky  so follow me for updates .?
Well we survived the fork, and BCH now lives on in the form of the ABC implementation and rule set. Its tough to see the community split, but as usual, we will band together and keep moving forward. We shall never stop building and never stop promoting the new financial revolution that BCH will bring.  Sites like this are a great example of what we have to offer.  I don't know about you but its ...