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Hi HonestCashians! Im the guy behind the video for the Satoshi Awards 2020 It was an amazing very exciting project to do together with Emily Rose Dallara and Hoang Khoi Nguyen behind the special effects. My normal type of work involves working with standards brands, and making commercial films of all kinds for normal traditional businesses and brands ranging from multinationals like Pepsicola to...
Announcing the Satoshi Awards, Acapulco 2020 - the World’s first cryptocurrency awards with voting on the blockchain. The Satoshi Awards was launched live at Anarchapulco, 2019. Attendees of the event had first view of an exclusive conceptual, short film launching the first crypto awards ceremony of its kind. Since Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first bitcoin block in 2009, we’ve halved twice, gon...
The cryptocurrency world is a mysterious one, wrapped in secrecy and anonymity. Where cryptography meets blockchain and revolutionaries. For many of us, this has been a journey to discover a new found philosophy of life, where liberty, freedom of choice and voluntarism are key. We’ve embraced an ongoing social and economical experiment for the betterment of humankind. Anybody is welcome to tak...
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Down the rabbit hole…HODL, Bitcoin, Blockchain--what chain?  But the doubts, the skeptics, the FUD. Do your own research.
There's no place like home, the same old same old is comforting for some. Then there are those who leap towards the shiny and the new. Is that you?