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Dear @honest.cash community and friends good morning, today I am making another *Still life Pencil Shedding Timelapse artwork* here you will find step by step complete tutorial and video so you can see the efforts and time I put in this artwork. Video tutorial of making this masterpiece. https://youtu.be/3VTMS-iWXl0 Friendsmaking of Still life Timelapse Shedding is a very time consuming and lengthy process. On the making of this artwork I invested almost 4 hours and tons of efforts in making this masterpiece. Thank you. @raghao
This is a portrait I did back in 2016, I was working as virtual assistant for some room rental business in London, and part of my job was searching for possible clients on websites such a spareroom.co.uk etc. Well since I was looking at tons of profile pics daily, I decided I would make something fun and artsy with all those beautiful women profile pics I stumbled upon while working…and thus started making a collection for drawing portraits later in my free time. I will be posting more of them in following entries ? . Oh here a little poem I wrote to go along with the drawing hehe A white canvas for us is tonight black pearls on the horizon shall rise the stars of our minds shall ignite for my heart got caught by those eyes. . Technical Info: Traditional Media Draw in a A5 sized sketchbook using 2H, HB and 2B pencils Full Resolution 1500x1500px at 72dpi Copyright @melooo182 - All Rights Reserved
Dear friends good evening this is Raghao Singh from India, today I am going to share with you a very beautiful and gorgeous lady and her portrait is also very beautiful like she is and I am very happy to share all the making process with all of you. Dear friends share your beautiful opinion and suggestions on my artwork and it will be a great pleasure for me to know what you think. Thank you.
It appears to be a form of universal intuition that sound can deeply affect our physiological and emotional states. We see this in the meditative trance state induced by the chants of Buddhist monks. One could claim that far removed from spiritual practice, we can hear that one tune dropped in the club which instantly fills up the dance-floor and forces you to jack your body -- although I would say the presence or lack of spirituality here is up for debate. The takeaway is that music is a universal language understood by all. Consider the tired mother singing her baby a lullaby or the high pitched whistle inserted by John Lennon to irritate dogs at the end of 'Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band' – this effect of sound even extends from young to old and even beyond humans as a species. In my own experience I’ve always found a particular piece of music to find solace in while navigating the choppier waters of this life. One group decided to take this idea to it’s logical extreme – and so it is my pleasure to introduce Marconi Union – a three-piece electronic outfit from Manchester, England. They decided to create music that could confirm our intuition and vindicate the knowledge already attained by experts in the field of sound healing. This desire manifested itself in the group’s 2011 track 'Weightless', created in collaboration with the British Academy of Sound Therapy. Listen to Weightless here. :) When you first listen to 'Weightless', you may become conscious of an instant change in your mental and physiological state. This is no coincidence but a pre-meditated scientifically studied sum of causes. 'Weightless' is the result of a set of carefully composed rhythmic structures, non-repeating melody and field recordings engineered to create a lush, sprawling 8-minute musical voyage. This thoughtful composition has been shown to slow the listener’s heart rate, reduce blood pressure and even lower our levels of cortisol (commonly referred to as the ‘stress hormone’). Leading expert Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson of Mindlab International, the institution which carried out the research, came to the conclusion that listening to 'Weightless' could reduce anxiety by up to 65%, in addition to a 35% reduction in the test subjects’ standard physiological resting rates. When we hear chart hits, being able to predict the next note of a track is the rule rather than the exception. This creates engaging hooks that lodge in our brains and keep you up at night as ‘Baby Shark’ plays on repeat, having infiltrated your very psyche. A quick tip for those suffering from an endlessly looping track in their end is to listen to the song right through to the end… and voila, the glitch in your brain can be fixed: your life is no longer buffering. You see: our brains are essentially lazy. Our mind is constantly looking for shortcuts and will eventually drift off when we can no longer predict what is coming next in a musical piece. Like the rain following the plough, our bodies react in accordance. Rhythms compel us to act: sometimes the physical urge will give way to the mental and vice-versa, but it stems from our mind's interpretation of sound. Psychedelic pioneers Funkadelic hit the nail on the head all the way back in 1970 when they urged listeners to "Free your mind and your ass will follow". So when study participants were listening to tracks such as Weightless, they were instructed to complete puzzles which would increase stress levels. The participants were connected to sensors to allow for measurement of stress indicators, and were played different compositions. 'Weightless' emerged as the clear winner -- a testament to the power of sound and its mysterious ability to change our state of consciousness.  If you enjoyed this piece, I would recommend listening to Kelly Lee Owen's eponymous debut LP. Kelly Lee Owen's relaxed electronica draws from her own time spent working in a lung cancer ward -- and her subsequent realisation of the healing power of music. If you do listen to 'Weightless', I would love to hear your thoughts! Read more about KLO here, and don't forget support the artists! ;)
Not many will convert into this cashless society such as crypto currencies, even though many uses digital cash but through a bank. Some think digital assets will not go far. But when you look up how many active Nodes in America, it’s amazing how’d it grown over time. Many friends of mines call me a fool. I look at them like you don’t even understand what’s a Blockchain by itself. Oh well I’m glad to be aboard of this revolutionary change of wealth and power…
darling do you realise, the mist that swirls inside your eyes? in the evening time, stretched wide to house the moon, you grin and check my vital signs, then trace the course of my palm-lines, etched paths twist and turn, converge, and all return to you, was it the tracing of your finger? at certain times you seem to linger, longer in my mind’s eye than the credit you’ve been due, was it the moss upon my stone? the present you so clearly own, the dye that had been cast is past: ‘now’s’ new dice to roll, our time upon this earth is short, our future is an afterthought, i’m stuck with pins; it must be your voodoo, and your black magic gypsy hex, tickling the nape of my neck, honored hairs all arise, standing to salute, your holy gaze and aureole, never caught you in this light before, you’re fixing up; I know you’re bound to shoot, but for now, let's just recline, on this sofa outside space and time, and bask serene in low-lights, beaming down the avenue.
Dear @honest.cash community good morning, friends I am trying to make a portrait of very special and handsome man, Who is very kind and loves to live his life in joy and happiness, friends his way of enjoying and loving the life is very exemplary. So friends I want to give him very special surprise in the form of a beautiful portrait and finger crossed will he like and appreciate it or not. So friends enjoy with me the journey of hope and love let's make the moments memorable and sweet. Here is the complete process of making them adorable and beautiful. Thank you.
Hey cryptonauts thanks for joining me! Today we are taking a look at a brand new Dapp launching on the Ethereum Blockchain; HyperETH. Numberofthings also walks you through how to set up your first wallet using Metamask. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL3wy551zFk&feature=youtu.be
Good morning dear @honestcash community and friends, today I am making a watercolour portrait of a dashing and smart young artist of India. Friends you can see the artwork of making this portrait in YouTube Video. https://youtu.be/nyUfoA7Z-nk He is very kind in nature and dashing in look and most notably he is a decent artist too and attracts me to be like him so I decided to make something interesting for my brother an awesome artist of India. Thank you. Regards. @raghao
i'm dipping my toes into the waters of music production once more -- take a listen if you're a fan of Madvillain, MF DOOM or just have ears and a couple of minutes to kill ;) you can check it out here! props to youtuber Redcomet_ for the acapella.
Good morning dear friends, this is Raghao Singh from India, today I am going to share another Still life Pencil Sketching artwork with all of you. I am very happy to share this amazing artwork with all of you and as our exams are going to start from next week I am sharing again the artwork I completed for my practical and it’s complete now. Here below I shared some snaps of making this beautiful artwork for your reference. So my dear friends please share your reviews on my artwork. Thank you. @raghao
Hello everyone , In this Photoshop Tutorial, Learn how to create Young Girl alone Autumn with Falling Leaves and beautiful Soft Color Effect. This Photo Manipulation tutorial you'll learn how to easily Autumn soft glowing lighting and colors. It's one of those quick and simple Photo retouching tutorials you'll learn how to use Adjustment Layer tool, Hue Saturation Tool and photoshop camera raw to put Dramatic Autumn Color Effect. I am using Photoshop CC, but I'm sure it will work with earlier versions or other programs. Process : Image i've used :
Hi friends good evening this is Raghao Singh from India, going to share a very beautiful 3 Dimensional based pencil sketching artwork and I hope you will enjoy this beautiful artwork as I made an electric bulb which will touch your soft heart. So dear friends share your opinion on my artwork so I can add more interesting creativity in my artwork. Thank you. [https://steemit.com/ntopaz/@raghao/ntopaz--raghao--992284880--ntopaz-artzone-acidyo-ocd-resteem-india--2019-02-06-00-47-36--artwork--none
This might be considered another WIP, I still have hopes I will retake it one day and make a full coloured version of it….but for the time being it's just line art with some sparse coloured elements like the red star in the forehead and those tribal markings in the belly. And yeah as the title of the post already mentions this is a redesign of the Pokemon Kadabra… I did It because my friend Sara asked me if I could help her with ideas for redesigning Kadabra, as she was doing some collaboration with other illustrators…and well I came with sketch of this tribal version of the creature and since I had so much fun with it that I went and made a digital vector version. . Technical Info: Digital Media Created in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Perhaps I did it in 1 hour or less . For some reason I cannot add the other images in the post so you can watch it completly in the steemit version here: [https://steemit.com/ntopaz/@melooo182/ntopaz--melooo182--1445825302--ntopaz-artzone-character-design-digital-art-artisteem--2019-02-08-22-18-31--artwork--none ](https://steemit.com/ntopaz/@melooo182/ntopaz--melooo182--1445825302--ntopaz-artzone-character-design-digital-art-artisteem--2019-02-08-22-18-31--artwork--none) . Copyright @melooo182 - All Rights Reserved
Written, recorded and produced by @Numberofthings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qJRPl7NuLs&feature=youtu.be
To watch the video click here.  (and let's hope Honest.cash get's youtube embedding working fast)
Good evening everyone on @honest.cash, Today I am going to share my own portrait, friends making of self portrait is not an easy task it's an interesting thing that you will laugh on you when you made it funny. So friends have fun with me and enjoy my painting. Thank you.
My first YouTube video. Don’t go to like and subscribe dear friends. https://youtu.be/RT8d-1_eZSo Hello everyone what’s up? Dear buddies thank you for your abundance love and support on my art and drawings, friends I am very happy to share my first ever YouTube video with all of you and requesting you to subscribe my YouTube channel. Friends in this painting I painted the Varanasi Assi Ghat view and you can say this view is accordance to the real view of the Ghat. I used watercolour for the painting this beautiful and an auspicious place. Love you Guys. ?