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"Psychiatry is effectively performing functions of the State. It is subduing people who it believes are problematic. And in this sense it is keeping people in line in society. It gives people a psychiatric label that creates a self-fulfilling property. These people believe they are sick so they behave in such a way that they are… All of us live in a toxic environment. We are like caged animals, who are just trying to discover happiness within this cage. And this is the cage of the whole state apparatus and the cultural parameters of which we live in." Part 1 --- Psychiatric Subjugation and The New Witch Hunt https://www.facebook.com/sterlinlujan/videos/744370041483/
Is there a burden on society to “protect” adults who are planning to end their own life on Earth? That burden is manufactured and morally deficient. That burden probably ultimately prevents us from actually reducing suicides, and probably worsens suicide rates since suicide prohibitions make it not possible for many individuals to talk about suicide openly and honestly with any potential helpers i...