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I'm a big fan of Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. Honestly, the best animated movie I've seen. I love the pace, the script, the characters and Mile's development. Heck, I love ALL of the spidersonas! However, the first time I opened Clip Studio Paint, the first one that came to my mind was Gwen. Now, I've always been a Gwen fan. Idk, I favor her over MJ, and I loved the concept of her as a spide...
One of the series that have peak my interest every other season of anime, are these, relative calm, relative naive views of a post-apocaliptic, post-human environments where the macropolis is all that is left from the humans, with the infrastructure still recognizable enough to understand what it is but with the glooming notion of their past porpouses. Like a broken damns, or a high riser cranes. ...
Here's an animation short film I made 2 years ago on my free time. It's about some strange arrival on Earth. I composed the soundtrack and edited and animated while doing so, that was kind of an hybrid process. Enjoy the vibrant sci-fi vibe! https://vimeo.com/206500115
Hi, I'm creating crypto character rigs for an up coming animation series. First up is BTC.  See snapshot of the basic model. More to come. Dylan.