Earn cash for your content on Honest Cash

Honest Cash - social network that pays creators based on Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Honest is a social network where you can earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) if you create value. Our mission is to improve the quality of content on the internet and to get people paid for doing what they love.

You earn Bitcoin Cash when your content is upvoted on Honest Cash.

You can earn Bitcoin Cash by voting on good content early.

Your opinion is important, regardless what position do you represent. You can make your content uncensorable on Honest Cash so it can never be censored or removed.

I'm at odds, on this desolate cold shore How shall I my Self sustain, this far away Immense green sea lapping at my bare feet White cold gales gnawing into a rotting heart.                                    * By a faceless hand a brother's coat appears Adorns a warm weight around my shoulders Stalls a million quivering questions to recede The salty suds returnin fading into the bl...