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Modified Pound Cost Averaging because I’m crap at trading crypto and because the market’s too volatile as the whales pump and dump. They show me no mercy. Their movements too extreme. They aim to snatch bags from my wakening hands. I said I’m crap but it’s not really about skill, it’s about piles of capital and not a whole lot else. My resignation is r...
It’s the anniversary of the famous “tank man” in Tiananmen Square, and a new, revolutionary crypto trading platform has been released. This inspired me to record some thoughts on the nature of freedom in general, and economic freedom specifically. Exercising economic autonomy is HONORABLE. Please enjoy the vid below! https://youtu.be/d8qwjwT2eD4
Did you know Google provides information on internet search term popularity, graphed over time? Check out the trends for the term "bitcoin" and prepare to be amazed (or not). Watch the video to learn more. https://youtu.be/2VeGuYG6msw
The popular exchange Poloniex announced their intention to remove support for 7 long-standing cryptocurrencies. This move came as a shock to many of the respective coin communities. Trading of the affected tokens is planned to cease on May 17, with withdrawal support ending over the next month. Affected coins: * Syscoin (SYS) * Steem Dollars (SBD) * Huntercoin (HUC) * Counterparty (XCP)...
How much crypto is traded in a day? If you believe the numbers coming out of the world's largest exchanges, you'd be in for a surprise. Unfortunately, you shouldn't believe them. Here's why: https://youtu.be/hJCvxlThezs