Convert and Withdraw BSV to BCH Using This Method

2019-06-13T12:05:40.000Z Honest Cash

Ever since the Hardfork, BSV which has now become widely accepted, became kindof complex for transactions and Withdrawals from other Crypto Wallets, recently i had BSV, but never knew how to withdraw that, and sent to my BCH ABC Address. After rigorous finding which took me weeks, i found At Changelly, you can send you Bitcoin SV and will be converted to any other cryptocurrency you want directly to your Wallet.

You Can Follow the Link to get Steps on how to convert and withdraw your BSV to BCH or any other crypto of yourself.

Though the conversion process usually takes time, but not to worry, you don't have to be online and wait until it's all the confirmations are complete, you could close the tab and go off, once the transaction confirmation is completed, it will be credited to your Wallet Address. Goodluck!