Introducing Myself To Crypto Enthusiasts Here On Honest.Cash

2019-04-23T12:17:49.000Z Honest Cash

My name is Aaron. I always go by the username @fycee so I will use this one instead of @fyzeon.

I got to know Honest.Cash from when TheLegendaryTwatter shared to his wall about the story of @MobTwo.

This will be forever engraved in the Blockchain that I would owe a part of my success to the both of you when time comes.

I have been writing blogs, short stories, web-contents, ads, podcasts and short write-ups in some blogging platforms. It all started with MyLot. Then followed by FanBox, Empowr, Steemit, Weku, Iwiw,,, golos, and publish0x where I hang out around much.

Now that I am here on a blogging platform where I continue to get rewarded for the quality of the contents that I share, and also the fact that early adopters are always given the edge to be on top, then I firmly believe that I will become a successful writer here as well.

Yes, that's me.

I write mostly about the cryptocurrencies I have acquired, traded, gained from airdrops, and earned from online programs. I also write about my life stories, experiences whether it is great moments or even my worst ones. It only proves that I am a human being. I would categorize myself as a public figure rather than a person hiding in a animated character for transparency. No offense meant to the people who want themselves to be on private. I just feel that I will be more believable and trustworthy if I show who I really am.

I started my venture with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies around year 2014 when I signed up with Coinbase. I have also signed up with Coins.Ph (a local crypto-wallet in the Philippines) got ID verified with selfie and started my Bitcoin journey last April 2016. BTC is around $500 that time. So I was able to see in my own eyes its rise, dips, surges, balloon, dive, the bear era and even its All-Time-High (ATH) last December 2017.

I was able to collect most of my BTC out of the HYIP programs last Y2016. Started trading last Mid-2017 wherein I started with PesoBit, ARK, PIVX, and BTC itself. I mostly delve into Cloudmining too. Earned quite a bit from Steemit but not that much compared to other fellow Steemians.

I am a very friendly person, supportive & helpful, funny, bubbly, kind, opinionated and idealistic.

Do not hesitate to post comments as I really am very proactive in checking out other blogs/posts as well and creating a genuine connection to all the authors that come across my sight.

Thank you so much for dropping by my post and let's rock this blogging platform in a good way. Thank you for the support as well. See you on my next upcoming blogs!