Crypto Characters: DOGE

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RE: Crypto Characters: DOGE

by @danigocrypto

Hey. Ive been following your characters. Theyre cool. I dont know about the sunglasses on litecoin. I thing they should either all have accesories or none have accesories. Or the accesories can change over time but the basic litecoin character i dont think should have sunglasses… and i like all of them but i dont like the doge one. In all of them u used abstract interpretations and that is the only one that is figurative. It looks odd…

RE: RE: Crypto Characters: DOGE

by @dylanvoid

Hey, thanks for the comments and the kind words. I will consider revisions based on your feedback.  May I ask how do you think the DOGE coin character should be? Thanks again.


PS Litecoin without Sunglasses (not well rendered):

RE: RE: RE: Crypto Characters: DOGE

by @danigocrypto

oh i see, because the doge coins official logo is the dog…

maybe use just the D. I don't know… it just looks wierd that doge is the only one you have with the figurative image but now that I've seen its their official logo im not sure what to think anymore.

RE: RE: RE: RE: Crypto Characters: DOGE

by @dylanvoid

Hey no worries, I just appreciate the comments.  I'll have a think about how I can improve Mr DOGE.  I was trying to tip you but couldn't use the funds I've earned for some reason, sorry, still getting used to Honest.

RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Crypto Characters: DOGE

by @danigocrypto