Venezuela in Search of its New Freedom

2019-01-14T20:45:00.000Z Honest Cash

We are in the 21st century and in a country with as many natural resources as Venezuela has seen how its freedom has been curtailed over 20 years, through a decadent, corrupt, inefficient, hypocritical policy and without any kind of morals because of a regime that has only sought the benefit of a dome through corruption and abuse of power.

Hunger, deficiencies, delinquency and all kinds of miseries have been unleashed in a country that was once prosperous and that was on the list of developing countries, but all that collapsed with the arrival of the false revolution that was promoted by Hugo Chavez who came to power in 1999, that was a serious mistake that to date Venezuela continues to pay and that Chavez's successor chosen by finger by the same, without any kind of consultation has deepened the crisis of the country. Mature who today usurps the presidency of the republic since January 10, is not recognized by more than 60 countries, including the United States, Canada and most of the countries of the European Union which issued a statement stating that they would only recognize the legitimate National Assembly of Venezuela and its newly appointed president Juan Guaido.

The majority of citizens in Venezuela want a change and reject Maduro, the problems in the country have been accentuated since the usurper to the presidency is in power, serious problems of hyperinflation, increased crime, the lowest salaries throughout the Americas that are not enough for the basic food basket, shortages of medicines, constant failures in the electrical system, the slowest internet in the region, censorship by the regime and an endless list of problems. Everyone in the world is wondering how a country with the largest oil reserves in the world is plunged into so much poverty and want? The answer is simple: we have a great cancer in the presidency that has used force, deceit and manipulations to stay in power, and through corruption they have stolen a great amount of resources that were destined to solve public works and that have remained in the bank accounts of officials and politicians of Maduro's corrupt regime.

Those who think differently are imprisoned by the current regime accused of treason, when in reality it is quite the opposite, those who have betrayed the country are those who have destroyed the entire future of the nation, those at the top of Maduro's regime are the culprits who today have no credibility in the eyes of the world.

Many of us in the vanguard know that freedom is vital for the development of a nation and I know that the majority of the countries of the world support our desire to free Venezuela from the unjust oppression of dictators of little reason, who enjoy selfishness and evil, but have their hours numbered, because millions of citizens who believe in democracy have their eyes fixed vigilant to give the final blow to the cancer that has hijacked our nation and God through we can see the light of freedom because our future will be great if the possibility is in our hands.