Venezuela Aid Live A Vital Action of Solidarity

2019-02-22T17:31:34.000Z Honest Cash

Today, February 22nd, the great concert for humanitarian aid to raise $100 million is taking place in the city of CĂșcuta, organized by billionaire Richard Branson.

The truth has seemed to me an excellent idea because it not only raises funds for so many people in my country who need it, but also leaves in evidence the authoritarian and criminal regime of dictator Nicolas Maduro, who blocked the bridge of Tienditas to prevent the entry of aid.

In the concert where thousands of people are arriving to see the presentations and support the cause, more than 32 confirmed international artists will perform, the whole planet will have its eyes on this concert because it represents an incredible event for the freedom of a nation, where a great number of supportive countries and friends of the sovereign people of Venezuela are demonstrating the best of humanity.

To make donations from anywhere in the world for this noble cause just do the following:

1- Go to the website and click on "Donate for Venezuela".

Within the same page you also have the option to see the concert live.

I hope that everyone on this platform committed to the best causes on the planet, support this event for freedom and can spread this great concert for the world to make its contribution to the liberation of Venezuela.