Blackouts, Uncertainty and Political Tensions in Venezuela

2019-05-09T16:54:08.000Z Honest Cash

For some time now I have had different reports in the blockchain in different platforms, through my writings updating my narrative about the situation in Venezuela, because I believe it is vital that the world knows the serious situation of the population in the country at this time.

We have suffered a number of blackouts since March 7 of this year, where the consequences of these blackouts have been extremely serious, in Venezuela this problem is added to all the thousands of inconveniences that already exist in the country as a result of an inefficient regime that usurps power.

After this great blackout on March 7 that lasted more than 18 hours, I personally perceived a degree of stress and helplessness because of what was happening, with so many pending issues, jobs to be published and activities on the network, on different platforms and not having access to electricity or the Internet is extremely overwhelming, I imagine that everyone will perfectly understand my situation from what they have read so far.

It should be noted that since Thursday, March 7, since the national blackout began, there are states and cities that since that time have not restored electricity service at any time and is even sadder and more regrettable for the entire population that makes life in those regions. Also on Saturday, March 9, Interim President Juan Guiado had called a rally at Av. Victory in the city of Caracas and although there was no electricity the people attended, Maduro's regime did not let them install an electricity plant for Guiado to speak but he spoke through a speaker and was able to communicate with the people who attended, denying that the blackout had been the product of a cyber attack but that it was due to the inefficiency and corruption of Maduro's regime and explained it very well when referring to the fact that the energy generation system in the Gurí was analogical and could not be a victim of cyber attacks, leaving naked the lies of Maduro's regime.

The Simón Bolívar International Airport, the largest in the country, was also affected and the people who were going to travel had to be trapped without being able to mobilize. In addition, those who were going to take the trains to different cities that are satellites of Caracas had to sleep in the stations. Many traders due to electrical failures are losing the goods, the meat and chickens and products that have to be refrigerated.

Another serious situation that adds up is the lack of water the vital liquid, the queues in some places where they are supplying water are brutal and this is another alarming concern that arises in the country, the situation is extremely dramatic in Venezuela, every day is more difficult, the population seeks to survive with all this harsh reality that is happening.

Everything that is happening in Venezuela is extremely complicated to assimilate, citizens in Venezuela live under constant tension, we can suffer at any time from blackouts, we read at any time all kinds of abuses and violations of human rights by the Maduro regime, I believe throughout all these vicissitudes we have created a certain strength in our immune system to survive and face all these irregular setbacks, The difference between Venezuela and countries in the Middle East or the African continent is that in this country people use social networks intensively, just as they have had to resort to the crypto world as a mechanism of authentic financial freedom that has improved the economic situation of many people in the country.

But the important thing is that our voice is being heard in the world, but it is necessary that an early solution be given for Venezuela because more than 80% of the country demands a political change from corrupt people who usurp power through the weapons of the republic, they refuse to recognize the serious deterioration to which they as culprits have taken the country.

On Monday, March 25, a new blackout occurred in 16 states of Venezuela, from 1:21 p.m. to 3:40 p.m.

The new blackout at first we thought that again this failure was presented as a penitence and I recognize it was not so overwhelming because it lasted less than 4 hours and in that period ahead completing other activities, when the electricity returned, continue with my work because I had some publications for the day as always since it is part of my work, so I managed to publish and everything seemed normal I could even read some publications, then when I was watching the star game of the NBA that I had to analyze just at 9:47 p.m.m. the electric power went again and that moment was overwhelming, because I was in the process of work and also had many activities to advance apart from what I was doing at that time and obviously all my work depends on whether I can do if I have the vital electrical power.

There are several points that I would like to analyze and develop:

1 - Michelle Bachelet's report is lapidary for the Maduro regime.

2 - In the country there is a catastrophe that most people suffer.

- Arrival of Russian planes with military contingent from that country.

- Sanctions for officials who violate the human rights of the Maduro regime on an individual basis.

With respect to these relevant 4 points, beginning with the development of number 1, Bachelet's report was presented orally and evidence of the serious situation with respect to the violation of human rights that the country suffers, hours later the regime of Maduro kidnapped and charged with crimes by planting weapons and assigning a plan to the director of Juan Guaido, Congressman Roberto Marrero, It is evident that this is a political revenge to liquidate all those who support and are around Guaido, they also wanted Bachelet's declaration to take second place and that the news was the arrest of Marrero but once again the regime were wrong because Bachelet's report is extremely important and the world can have access to it, here I leave them so that they can read it:

The catastrophe that most people are suffering represents a number of problems, starting with serious failures in the issue of electricity with these national blackouts, lack of water that generate unhealthiness, deaths in hospitals for lack of medicines and failure of electricity service, child malnutrition, Repeated violations of human rights, attacks on social networks through censorship and blockades of the regime, many journalists have suffered attacks, on March 26 were besieged by collectives in the National Assembly, all these social communicators covering the session of the Assembly were also attacked as well as the truck where Guaido was going. Extrajudicial executions by police forces, and many more problems that seem to have no limits.

With respect to point #3 this represents a blatant and very serious hypocrisy, also because the spokespersons of Maduro's regime always speak of the presence of U.S. imperialism as a pretext and they are submerged in Cubans, Russians and Chinese, so they did not let in the humanitarian aid promoted by the United States but if they let in Russian planes with war weapons, we are faced with corrupt of the worst disposition that use all the mechanisms of power to screw themselves into power at the cost of the suffering of an entire nation.

On this point, the regime has invested millions of dollars and euros in war weapons, instead of investing in infrastructure and improving services in the country, such as the one we are suffering at the moment, which is the great failure of the national electrical system, the problem of the shortage of medicines, the chaos in hospitals, it is evident that the regime in Venezuela does not care about the people, they are sick with power and filling their pockets at the expense of the suffering of the people as a result of the most ruthless corruption.

In aspect 4, the issue of sanctions against officials of the Maduro regime by more than 60 countries that support Guaido, especially the United States, are the product of human rights violations and all those crimes against humanity committed by all these corrupt people, and it is important to point out that these sanctions are individual.

This is the first part of certain updates that I have been carrying and I would also like Honest Cash readers to have a first hand view through my writings, Venezuela is an incredible country full of riches but unfortunately the power is hijacked by miserable corrupts who do not recognize the decisions of the majority of the country's population, repeatedly violating the constitution and systematically violating human rights.

Our country is waging a battle against a ruthless dictatorship and therefore we advocate our desire for freedom that remains intact every day to free our nation and be able to walk the path of progress and democracy.