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As long as we use our oppressor’s language they will continue to live through us, to free ourselves from injustice we must also free ourselves from their language. It is an unfortunate truth that declaring, “I am not a racist” is a racist statement. Some etymologically correct ways of making this declaration are “I am not an ethnic discriminator”, “I do not ethnically discriminate” or “science does not support the concept of races amongst humans, and neither do I”.

An argument could be made here that the term ‘racism’ has already been adopted by the masses and therefore would cause confusion to support a change in language. The problem with this justification is that, for many out there, this terminology still leaves the door open to believe that there are sufficient genetic differences amongst humans to separate us into races such as those found amongst dogs or horses. “I am not a racist” could be misunderstood, as saying that even though you do believe that there are different races amongst humans, you disagree that people should be discriminated because of it. This language does not do justice to the sociopolitical plight because what the listener should really conclude is that there simply are no races amongst humans and therefore any discrimination based on these arguments is unfounded.

Maybe you could get away with: “I am not a racist, neither in its biological etymology nor its sociopolitical one.” but nobody makes this distinction and so miscommunication persists. Some unjust people declare ‘one race supremacy’, using the word race with its biological meaning, arguing that the differences in our appearance are sufficient argument to scientifically declare separate human groups. Others, even though they understand that the biological traits are not significant enough, exploit the racist fight because of the ideological and economical benefits that may arise from restricting people due to their place of origin or the shape of their eyes, from being incorporated into the community. How much stronger would it be to answer, “Racism does not exist. You are unjustly discriminating people for their ethnic background.” than it is to say, “Racism is bad.”?

Scientific research into evolution has been capable of drawing a detailed outline of how, over many millennia, apes transformed into humans. Terms such as kingdom, class, and species were used to understand the complex structure of the unquantifiable variety of life forms on earth. Races, biologically speaking, do not exist amongst humans. The genetic distinctions amongst humans are not sufficient to make clear, limited separations of race; the eye color, hair color or skin color alleles do not accurately represent the actual geographical distribution of different ethnicities. Phenotypic markers such as skin color are controlled by only a small number of alleles. You would think that the biggest difference would lie between white Europeans and black Africans, but the genetic diversity of Africa is far vaster than the rest of the world and a European selected at random is no more distinct than two random Africans are to each other.

Wikipedia has made two separate references: Race, as it is understood by science, and Race, as it is used to describe the history of ethnic struggles. By cementing the use of race in our daily language, even in the struggle against discrimination, we are perpetuating misconceptions that promote injustice towards certain populations. In the black people’s fight for equality the irony is even greater when we acknowledge that all our ancestors had black skin. This can be proven by tracking the MC1R gene through evolution and explained, as it was, by Rogers et al in the Current Anthropology Journal edition 45:105 of 2004.

It is difficult to maintain coherence in this day and age, many women often unknowingly fall into self inflicted discrimination because the practices have been accepted by society i.e. how a female waitress will still give the check to the male individual if a couple is sitting at a table. It takes a lot of effort to maintain the awareness required to avoid these mistakes. This is a call to all the folk out there fighting for justice, equality and freedom, to check them selves for misleading language and attitudes in an effort to eradicate these oppressing misconceptions from the root.

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