Colombia Drowning in Silence

2019-01-12T23:02:32.000Z Honest Cash

The international image of Colombia has improved drastically in the last two decades but has the quality of life there improved too? Definitely in some sense it has, for basic services have reached more remote areas and technology has helped close the gap in production. Yes, you don't hear the same stories about sicarios and kidnappings, but has the reality truly evolved?

I would say no, if anything Colombia is currently under a higher level of censorship than it previously was. In a way one could say that the bad people won, and that although the waters seem calmer on the surface it is only because the oppression is more efficient.

The underdog, the Colombian middle and lower class population, continues to live in a hostile environment silenced by the legal and illegal armed forces; their realities censored from the rest of the world. In the last year alone thousands of community leaders have been murdered with the news never traveling even as far as the local outlets.

The international corporations that exploit the natural resources in Colombia work in collaboration with the paramilitary groups to subjugate the population, at the same time making corrupt alliances with the government officials to get unmonitored licenses to, for all intent and purpose, steel our natural resources. The most ironic part is that this conflict has been going on for so long that Colombians themselves have engaged in this cycle of self-hatred, blaming each other for their sorrows instead of joining forces against the true culprits that compromise their wellbeing.

The international news community continuously fails to share with the world the true horrors of our living situation. Hopefully one day, through platforms like honest cash the voices of all those who are now threatened and oppressed will see the light, and the continued genocide taking place in Colombia will subside.

Uncensored freedom of speech is one of the most important vehicles to ending human right violations around the world.