I am a Research Consultant

2019-04-23T13:34:49.000Z Honest Cash

Hi Guys, I am a research consultant in general, and technical analyst in particular.

I can find you whatever you seek to a satisfactory level, and can give you technical analysis on any coin to an expert level.

I seek peace. Peace in the whole world. That can only be achieved by first ensuring that everyone has had their tummy full. In a world split between communism and capitalism, humanity has lost. Would it not be nice that every country were to crop on its own responsibility that amount of land that could be used to fill every citizen's bellies. In a system split between the public sector, and the private sector the citizens die of hunger and poor health.

What if along with filling their bellies the citizens could be taught to take care of their health by teaching them the dos and the donts of the human body?

Everything else is just the knowledge of geology, and how to create objects of value.

Oh yes! I am an idealist! But if I am wrong then it means that humanity actually is malevolent. Why cannot they come together, and be one? But No! There is that unwritten cutthroat competition going on. In its greed, humanity has usurped more resources than it needed. There is no harm in lavishness but then what about contentment and gratefulness.

Anyways, I will keep raving! The point is that if there is anything that you would like me to do for you in terms of research, writing or technical analysis then I am here on Honest Cash and Bitcoin Cash is my current love :).

Hoping to hear from you soon.


RE: I am a Research Consultant

by @cain

I have thought about the whole capitalism v. communism thing myself. So far history has shown us that communism doesn't work. Capitalism seems to work better, albeit it is not perfect. The only conclusion I can draw from that is for humans, greed is more powerful than our desire to be altruistic. But there are obviously exceptions to the rule. I also wonder if things became this way over time, or if this was how it's always meant to be. Are both our greedy and charitable desires innate in all of us? Are we born always wanting more? Or wanting to help others? My kids definitely seem more inclined to the former. Anyway, welcome to the community and hoping your predictions for Bitcoin Cash are right =)

RE: RE: I am a Research Consultant

by @cryptonomoist

Thank you for your kind words. I hope my only value is not just BCH predictions. BCH will tell us where it is going in the next six hours. I am waiting for the daily close to be above .053 for bullish bias. For predictions also look for candles where the high is equal to open and where the low is equal to open. high equal to open are pure sell candles. Low equal to open are pure buy candles. such levels are modified by the market. Currently, there are many pure sell candles in BCH in hourly chart. However, whatever has to happen, has to happen in this week or next. By the way Bitcoin has broken out of the cup and handle. Now we need a close above 5300 in it. Then we are going towards 6800, and that is when people are going to go crazy again for Bitcoin and inadvertently for Bitcoin Cash. Every green candles is a blessing.

Blockchain technology can 'free' the people. Unfortunately now, whether it is capitalism or communism, citizens all over the world are living in a bureaucratic system. All these system which are meant to 'protect' the people are exploiting the citizens. Systems are required for accounting mostly, and that are then used to take taxes. I am sure Blockchain is the only system that can truly free the people. Just get a mining machine in your own backyard and you are minting money.

As far as human beings are concerned. Yea natures matter. But we can always nurture. In that regard, it is the teachers who have to play the most important role. But they have been preparing kids for the corporate sector, and that has to change all over the world. Nevertheless, as far as I am concerned, human beings have turned out to be greedy monsters. But that does not mean that one has to follow the crowd.

I believe Honest Cash is a small community currently. The developers too seem to be exploring. It feels like a clean slate where everyone is allowed to paint their sketch their own paintings. It is like democracy at its finest. Everyone gets to say their say.

BCH is falling in BTC as we speak. At .0532 now. Surged to .056 today. Had a sell limit there. Are we allowed to speak about other coins here? Because Vertcoin is looking quite delicious too at the moment.

In the long run I am right about BCH. It is going up. I began following Bitcoin when it was at 2000. Since then i have rarely seen a coin not moving technically. Usually once predictions are given, people expect prices to surge the next instant.

But still where ever I go, BCH keeps coming back into the discussion. Roger Ver would be proud :D