procrastination station

2019-03-28T03:51:14.000Z Honest Cash

i sat and watched a kettle boil,

as several lifetimes whipped by

no heat passed through the coil.

i dreamt i was standing on a mountain's edge,

next i was clinging to a skyscraper's ledge,

i pictured myself suspended high up in the sky,

like my disbelief -- how'd my mouth get so dry?

this cup of coffee will surely deliver

the kick that i crave to grant me a sliver

of muse-driven traction:

a cure for inaction.

i checked the kettle again

but it wasn't plugged in.


RE: procrastination station

by @siddartha

Haha, that's something interesting. I felt first two lines were very strong. I felt like I am doing same thing again and again daily and getting old. But the last line was funny that procrastinators dream a lot but don't even take a step to fulfill them!