perplexed reflection

2019-03-17T00:07:42.000Z Honest Cash

we lost ourselves

in a swirl of smoke;

in a hall of mirrors,

leaving the museum,


covered the floor,

on the trudge through

obfuscated eyes

to the bierhaus,

we lost us:

now and then i revisit on occasion –

then and now.


we stayed too long,

missed the last tram home,

and giggled like a clan

of drunken hyenas.

it was all a part of the plan,

we couldn't see it yet.


we couldn't hear the distant

rumble of foreboding,

thunder to be stolen;

hearts to be broken.


RE: perplexed reflection

by @siddartha

Wow, that's a great poem. I like poems of self discovery.

RE: RE: perplexed reflection

by @conrad_murkins

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!