Introducing Minglechain - Blockchain networking wherever you are.

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What is Minglechain and why do you need it?

Minglechain is the world’s first location-based network for the DLT/blockchain industry. You can use Minglechain’s free Android or iOS app to instantly connect with fellow entrepreneurs, advisors, investors, enthusiasts and much more. Need legal help to set-up your new venture? Minglechain can help. In fact, it aims to connect everybody in the DLT space.

We also understand that you may just want someone in your hometown with a shared passion for this technology. From professional to personal connections, we are your facilitators! We understand and share your love of this groundbreaking technology — and also that you may have bored some friends to tears speaking about it. Now you can find kindred spirits in your city based off location and start making new connections today! Upon creating your profile, you cut straight to the point by telling people what you are doing in the DLT/blockchain space. On the flip-side, you also pick the exact type of user that you want to connect with. The app is intuitive and can save countless hours of networking by helping you to build your dream team in a flash. Given the inclusive nature of the DLT space and those within it, this vision is the next logical step!

How does Minglechain go above and beyond?

As DLT/blockchain professionals, we know that it can be tough to find exactly who or what you’re looking for at short notice. As the DLT space expands rapidly, this issue will only become more difficult to solve. We are seeking to tackle it now — head on.

If you need to find the nearest Bitcoin ATM, Minglechain can be your best friend. But why stop there? It’s a commonly held belief that the killer use-case may well be gaming or media-related, so we have included these as categories. A more streamlined way to connect is crucial for adoption, and we are proud to play a part in making this happen. Minglechain’s vision will soon expand as the team work tirelessly to continually add exciting new features. Users will be able to connect with professionals in other countries at the tap of the button — making expanding your network a breeze. Companies will be able to create profiles, making scouting for specialised talent faster and easier. So from individual users right up to large companies, everyone in the space can benefit from connectivity. This is only the beginning. Down the line, Minglechain aims to allow users to advertise their own events and even sell tickets via crypto/credit card transactions, all on the same platform. The possibilities for connectivity are endless — Minglechain puts you in the driver’s seat!

You can read more and download the mobile app on the official site to see the full range of available connections!

Stay tuned for more exciting developments on Minglechain’s Instagram, FacebookTwitter and Bitcointalk.

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RE: Introducing Minglechain - Blockchain networking wherever you are.

by @Xerographica

Here's my reply on Medium…


Just read this story on Honest Cash (HC). A couple months ago I wrote a relevant story… The Whistling Girl. You should read it.

Did you read it? If so, then perhaps you can see the issue.

Since HC is actually a market, it is going to do a better job than Minglechain (MC) at revealing people’s preferences. This means that HC is going to do a better job than MC at connecting people.

What are your options? Chances are good that you’ll discount the effectiveness of markets at revealing people’s preferences. If not, then one option is to turn MC into a market. Another option is to try and join forces with HC.

A third option is to try and join forces with Cent. It is similar to HC. Coincidentally, last month one of Cent’s co-founders, Max Brody, tweeted that he's moving from SF to LA and is looking to connect with cool people.

Let me know if you have any questions.

RE: RE: Introducing Minglechain - Blockchain networking wherever you are.

by @conrad_murkins

Hey there! I think the two projects have differing aims and don't detract value from each other. You can find the full response on Medium.

RE: RE: RE: Introducing Minglechain - Blockchain networking wherever you are.

by @Xerographica

Howdy, my reply


Personally I’ve never used Tinder, but in theory it should be possible to filter by proximity, platonicity and preferences. For example…

“Show me everybody within 5 miles that loves crypto and is interested in a platonic relationship.”

If this isn’t possible on Tinder, then it should be. As far as I know this isn’t possible on Facebook, Reddit or Twitter.

The thing is, it’s really easy to say… “I love crypto.” It was really easy for me to say that. This is why we need markets.

In a market, when you truly love something, you spend your money on it. Honest Cash (HC) is a market. We can see all the people who have spent their money on this story about crypto. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to quickly discern who has spent the most money on that story.

It’s a different story with Spacehive, given that I can quickly find the person who has spent the most money on a pottery project

“The Lates” is the person who has spent the most money on this civic project.

Imagine if, all else being equal, Netflix subscribers could earmark their subscription dollars to their favorite content. We would be able to line up the 100 million+ subscribers according to the amount of their subscription dollars that they spent on One-Punch Man…

We’d clearly see that everybody who “thumbs up” One-Punch Man doesn’t equally value it. True love is a function of sacrifice.

Do you see my point?

What matters are priorities. In order to correctly connect people you have to know what their true priorities are, and you can only learn this with a market.

  1. Bob says that he loves crypto, but his true priority is gardening.
  2. Frank also says that he loves crypto, and it’s his true priority.

Should you connect Bob and Frank? Nope. But that’s exactly what your website will do, since it’s not a market.

Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Tinder aren’t markets. This is simply because virtually everybody underestimates the usefulness of actually knowing each other’s true priorities. In theory, Honest Cash and Cent are going to demonstrate just how necessary markets truly are.

Right now both sites are very incomplete… my profile, for example, doesn’t display all the posts that I’ve spent my money on. The biggest problem is that we don’t have the freedom to spend money on our own posts. Conrad_murkins posted about Minglechain… how important is it to him? We don’t know, given that he doesn’t have the opportunity to spend his money on his own posts. If he did have this opportunity then, the more money that he spent on his post, the higher it would be ranked, and the more people that would read it. Of course the money that he spent would be used to help grow Honest Cash.

Hopefully Honest Cash will fix these problems sooner rather than later, and then it will become more and more obvious just how beneficial markets truly are.

To summarize…

  1. optimally connecting people depends on discerning their true priorities
  2. people’s true priorities can only be discerned by markets

Do HC and MC both want to optimally connect people? Yup. It seems straightforward that, since HC is actually a market, it will do a much better job of connecting people.

Of course there’s a chance that I might be wrong. Maybe I’m very overestimating the usefulness of markets. That being said, I’ve been trying to persuade a bunch of people that it’s a really good idea to conduct relatively easy and inexpensive experiments to compare the effectiveness of different prioritization systems.

I really want to figure out if I’m overestimating the usefulness of markets, which is why I’m trying to persuade these people to help test them and compare them to the alternatives.

Since these experts aren’t already conducting these tests it means that they are just guessing like I am about the relative effectiveness of different systems. Hopefully I can persuade them that it’s a really good idea to use simple experiments to figure out the truth.