P3C.io Project Update: 1/29/19 - Growth of the P3C Ecosystem

2019-01-30T06:04:26.000Z Honest Cash

Our goal is ambitious: build an economically feasible and sustainable system of global income, available to everyone on Earth.

Current Indicators:

  • 3,110 ETC in the economy (+12%)
  • 270 Members in the Discord Chat (+5%)
  • 175 active participant (+116.05%)

What’s new?

Since the previous newsletter there has been exciting growth in a number of community projects in the P3C ecosystem! Here are a few that have been launched in the past month.


Divcalc (link here)is a personal P3C portfolio tracker, now you can put in your P3C address and your holdings compared to the rest of users. You don’t even need Saturn wallet to be able to access it! You can see growth in your personal P3C holdings over a period of 1, 7, and 30 days. This was built on top of our new API layer (dcoumentation here) and we invite everyone to check it out and see where they are. This is important because most P3C users in the future will keep their private keys in cold storage and will need to be able to check how their holdings are doing. Special thanks to community member Genievot


Another very important development has been the launch of our new and revamped Wiki (see here). This will make it easy for new users to be able to find other P3C projects and search for questions. Why is a wiki important? Because finding knowledge is key for an open-source community. As data becomes a more and more valuable commodity in the future, systems like P3C that allow huge crowds of people to all be paid at the same time, will enable massive new knowledge bases, think real-time Wikipedia. But that is far out, right now the goal is to just document exactly what’s going on with the project itself. The website is searchable, and we will make sure to keep it updated with new projects. Special thanks to 34r7h.

What’s coming up?

The direction we want P3C to go in, is as a tool to facilitate a work marketplace. People who need work done, use our apps and tools to hire service providers to do those jobs. Service providers get paid a portion of the job in P3C token. Because the token grows in value the more economic volume there is on the platform, service providers using the app to do work, will have a direct skin-in-the-game in the success of the platform. We also want to give P3C to users, so users will be incentivized to come back to the platform.

You’ll be able to pay for many services with P3C

So why is it important for the service provider to be paid in P3C? A number of reasons:

  • P3C is a great payment processor. We can avoid costly credit card fees, and the system is far easier to use than traditional banking fees, especially overseas.
  • Direct micro-equity. The point of P3C is that all holders now earn passive income from all transactions on the platform. The more new P3C we create by paying people for jobs, the more passive income everybody else in the system makes. This can scale globally.
  • Gamification. The trends of gig economy apps like Uber and TaskRabbit is to make earning points and doing jobs into a game. Unfortunately, because these companies are centralized, it also means they can change the rules of the game at any time. P3C is a protocol that can’t be changed, which means that when you earn P3C during a job its yours to keep. This is a subtle distinction, but one that will give P3C a great advantage when it competes with current companies in the future.