P3C.io Project Update 12/28/18 - Data, Data, and our New Merchant Portal

2018-12-17T19:49:44.000Z Honest Cash

Our goal is ambitious: build an economically feasible and sustainable system of global income, available to everyone on Earth.

Current Indicators:

  • 2,775 ETC in the economy.
  • 256 Members in the Discord Chat
  • 81 active participants.

What’s new?

Portfolio Tracking — Now when you go to the wallet page, you’ll see a small icon in the corner next to “My Holdings”. If you hover over this icon you will see your portfolio growth over time. Right now, we show you growth over past 1 day, past 7 days, and past 30 days. This can give users a good sense of progress. It is denominate in USD and Ethereum Classic balances.

System Stats — On the p3c.io homepage, you can now see live system stats. This does not require you to have any special browser installed, and will be updated even if you are on a normal computer. These stats are good general indicators for the health of the system, and we want to share these as much possible. These stats are also accessible via API here at: https://api.p3c.io/airdrop/info

_P3C Cold Storage — _If you are a large holder of P3C, we recommend using cold storage to store your assets. We have created a tutorial here, as well as worked with MyCrypto and MyEtherWallet to get the contract directly embedded into the wallet software. You can follow the tutorial here.

P3C Payment Processing: Right now we are 50% of the way through creating a Stripe compatible Payment processor that will allow you to pay for goods online and allow the merchant to receive a portion of the funds in the form of P3C. This is a very large development effort and we will keep the community posted as we make more progress on it. In the image below you can see an example of what P3C.io embedded in a user-created merchant website will look like.

This is not P3C.io, this is a custom website that a merchant can use to manage their P3C and business.

We’re hard at work, and know that 2019 is going to be a big year for P3C.io!