How to Safely Split BCH and BSV coins using Electron Cash (w/ pictures)

2018-11-25T17:20:29.000Z Honest Cash

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DISCLAIMER: Perform this at your own risk. This article is solely for academic purposes and the purpose is to help you better understand how Bitcoin/forks work.

This tutorial will show you how to split BCH from BSV, so that you can send one to an exchange without worrying about losing them both. When I say WAIT FOR THIS TO CONFIRM it is absolutely necessary to wait for a block to be mined, this can take up to an hour per transaction. DO NOT GO FAST, YOU CAN LOSE YOUR COINS.

1. This relies on you having Electron Cash wallet. You can download it here

2. Go to and send some forked BCH to your wallet.

3. You should see a transaction of .00001 BCH into your wallet. This transaction is only visible on the ABC fork. WAIT FOR THIS TO CONFIRM

4. Now you are ready to sweep all of your ABC to a new address. Go to addresses and select and address with nothing, copy the address, and then go to send, and send all of your ABC to yourself. WAIT FOR THIS TO CONFIRM.

5. To confirm that the sweep worked properly, right click on the transaction > details and copy the transaction id

6. Go to (BCH-ABC explorer and search for the transaction), something like this should show up:

7. Go to and search for the same transaction, it should not show up. This means your coins are split. Now you are ready to access your BSV.

8. Go to Tools > Network , right click on one of the nodes near the bottom and click “Follow this branch”. These are BSV nodes.

9. Confirm that there is no sweep operation on the BSV side.

10. These coins can now be sent/used without worrying about losing your BCH. Currently the only exchange that I have tested trading BSV is HitBTC, send your split coins to them, it could take over 8 hours to be credited on your account, but it is possible to trade. I suggest immediately withdrawing BTC as soon as possible to cold storage.

11. If this was helpful to you, please donate a little Bitcoin!

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Good article - thanks!

by @jammasterc

Followed you here from your reddit post describing the situation at Medium.  Good luck (+ an upvote/tip).  It looks like you can interact with the folks on github, and ask how to post pictures or where that is in their road map.  Maybe it needs IPFS integration.

Linking And Following By Responding

by @anarchovegan

It seems that in order to follow, while also creating a possible united chain of association, that replying to posts is the main and only way to currently be able to see relevant content from any author you might want to have ongoing relations with in terms of their writing.

Likewise, if you reply to someone's reply, the first post that has no reply to it is linked to the post that you are replying to, which is similar to how memo work.