Qoinpro Wallet Review: Free Daily Coins, Earn interest from your deposits, and get airdrops

2019-03-10T11:48:57.000Z Honest Cash

After many years of service, the qoinpro is down and outdated. Many users were disappointed because the withdrawal was not processed and there were so many bugs on the website, and thats why many user lost.

A week ago I was surprised because I received an email from qoinpro. so i try to login and I'm surprised because they are new and better.It seems the site has new management leveraging the old database of users and is active once again.

Free Daily Coin

If you want to have a daily coin, qoinpro is a good way to receive free coin without even having to do anything, which is very good. When you first register you can get various coins for free, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Doge and more. In my account, I am currency getting 2,998 Satoshi everyday for free, sounds good? You can also unlock additional coins by downloading the app.

Daily Interest

To activate your daily interests, you should deposit your wallet. once you deposit you can earn small % but good for long term holder. qoinpro is only wallet giving daily interest.- Daily DOGE increased by 1.24%

  • Daily BCH increased by 2.25%
  • Daily BTG increased by 1.33%
  • Daily LTC increased by 1.68%
  • Daily BTC increased by 1.03%

This will automatically be reflected in your transaction overview. The daily interest you receive will also be calculated over the free daily coins you receive.


Join their telegram group and participate in airdrops to get PLAN and OHAS token, many more to come.


If you invite a friend, the daily % daily coin will increase. In my account i have 545.7 %. People that sign-up using the your referral linkk will automatically be placed under you. you can get bonus % when your invites get new invites up to 7 level.

Register here: www.qoinpro.com