Qoinpro Wallet is back!!

2019-03-05T07:36:08.000Z Honest Cash


Qoinpro Wallet is back!!

Get daily Crypto Currency + PLAN Airdrop + Daily Interest

I joined Qoinpro since 2014 to get free Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies every day. It is not a faucet – you don’t even need to visit the site or complete any captcha forms or anything to get your coins. You just need to register and account and they add the coins to your balance every day.

After a promising start the site began to wane. It wasn’t being maintained and withdrawals weren’t being processed. I completely forgot about it.

Then recently they sent out an email. It seems the site has new management leveraging the old database of users and is active once again. I made a test withdrawal of 0.2 Dash which I had found still in my account and it received the coins with no problems. So I decided to share my experience of the service with a short review and information about what they offer.

Register here:


To get Plan Airdrop. Join and check pin post for instruction


If you deposit a coin, you can earn Daily Interest.

Daily DOGE increased by 1.24%

Daily BCH increased by 2.25%

Daily BTG increased by 1.33%

Daily LTC increased by 1.68%

Daily BTC increased by 1.03%

Daily Interest:

If you keep your free coins in your account, or if you make a deposit to the site, then you can also earn daily interest of 0.1% on you balances. This is really nice and if you are a long term hodler it can make a real difference to how much you can build up in your account.

Withdrawal fees:

Withdrawal fees of ALL coins have been lowered by 90%


Small withdrawals are processed automatically, with anything larger taking up to 72 hours to be processed manually. My withdrawal took 2 days to reach my wallet, but it came without any kind of problem.


The site has a very extensive referral system, meaning that you can not only earn by referring your friends, but you can also earn from people your friends refer, and people who your friends referrals refer, and so on up the 7 levels deep. If you have any kind of online following or any real world friends interested in crypto then this can be a really effective way to earn a good amount of money.

Daily Free Coins

As far as I know Qoinpro is the only place you can get free coins every day without even having to do anything, which is very nice. When you first register you can get various coins for free, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. The amount increases over time with a daily bonus. As an example, I am currently getting 897 satoshis of BTC each day. You can also unlock additional coins by downloading the app.


Join their telegram group and you can also participate in airdrops of new tokens to get even more free coins.