Is "politically correct" really "the correct"?

2019-02-15T18:06:52.000Z Honest Cash

There are two words that are recently used a lot by many people - political correctness. We see almost everyday news coming up in social media with lots of comments that argue about PC.

Even though "political correctness is language … measures intended to avoid offence or disadvantage to members of particular groups in society", it certainly affects many other people badly - people feel discredited, labelled and even punished, which mostly happens in form of silencing and censoring that we often encounter under free speech. We could say that there is a vague line between political correctness and free speech just like there is between free speech and hate speech. Personally, I have always tried to defend free speech while trying to avoid offensive words and defending consequences that people should bear in specific cases. In most cases, I have always prioritized to understand the underdog, the marginalised, the "suppressed". But I see recently, political correctness has been used as a manipulative tool to design a specific society that has an intolerant tendency and therefore creates an "another" suppressed group. A group that has unfortunately adopted the self-prevention, which expands the free speech of "some", while silencing "the self"…

I would like to know what Honest community think about PC and ask specifically:

Do you think that political correctness is being used today as a manipulative tool?

Can it really be "the correct" when there is a "political" word inside?


RE: Is "politically correct" really "the correct"?

by @IudexOfSimias

politics is ugly and is mostly interested in legislating things under some pre tense (false or otherwise). 

Correct is subjective, Hate is subjective.

In the end all speech is free speech, the ability to walk away from said speech is what should be emphasized.

The reason why certain speech is prevalent and increasing could be questioned and researched.

Speech doesn't fall out of the sky and isn't generally said without reason.

If somebody randomly started spouting nonsense, people generally ignore them.

But if certain speech attracts certain crowds, then a certain sentiment lives within that crowd. Is that sentiment correct, fair or just? I as individual do not know.

But the market in the end decides what is good speech and is bad speech.

RE: Is "politically correct" really "the correct"?

by @Logan

PC or newspeak is just a way to lie. Say what you mean, mean what you say.