The Bitcoin Cash Chronicles - 4.18.19

2019-04-18T04:23:52.000Z Honest Cash

As usual, it's been an interesting week in the world of Bitcoin Cash. The big news was that BSV is getting delisted by various exchanges, but let's not talk about that.

Instead, I thought I'd write about something I posted on reddit yesterday:

The purpose of my post was that as an avid BCH supporter, I wanted to know how big this community really is. I'm not a dev, I can't code, I have a day job, so all I can do to support Bitcoin Cash is use it and be a part of the community. Going in I understood this wouldn't be an accurate way to measure how big the community is, but I figured it was better than nothing. And for me, the response I got was way better than expected. So far the post has 141 comments, or presumably 141 r/BTC subscribers who are willing to show their support for Bitcoin Cash. If I'd had to guess, I would have guessed total responses to be 10-20% of that. Even Roger Ver commented, although he kind of poo pooed on the whole thing.

A couple of things I wanted to point out. I will say that almost everyone is great at following directions by only posting one comment in order to get a better count. Another thing is that there were a handful of folks who felt this was in poor taste, or that this could make those who commented easy targets. To the naysayers, I ask what's the big deal? I get that this doesn't capture all the non-redditors out there, not to mention all the lurkers, but it at least gives you an idea that there is definitely a BCH community. That it isn't just the same two dozen people constantly posting about BCH. I for one think we need more of this. Up until now, the world of Bitcoin has been dominated by devs and coders, but it's time to expand the community to include regular users like me, people who see the potential of this technology and want others to use it too. Imagine if six months from now I do the same post and we get 1,000 people to comment? Imagine the message that would send. Instead of people thinking Bitcoin Cash is a scam, people might go, wow, maybe there's something to this. Another argument I heard was wouldn't it send the wrong message seeing "only" 140 people have commented? To that I say, why so scared? Who cares if it's 14, or 140, or 14,000? I think it helps to see where we're at, because if you really believe in P2P electronic cash for the world, whatever the number is shouldn't scare you.

Finally, as Roger said, market cap and economic activity easily trumps a reddit poll, but in order to get economic activity and market cap, we need users. I believe that social media can definitely help us in that regard.

Behind the paywall I've written a movie review of a random foreign film that I'm sure not one person who is reading this has ever watched. But it's one of my favorite movies and I would feel guilty putting up a paywall with nothing behind it.