Proof of Writing

2019-01-30T23:00:52.000Z Honest Cash

I considered writing a blog for the longest time. I used to read various people on Livejournal and think I can do that too! Only I never really saw the point. It wasn't like I was going to make any money off of it, it simply wasn't possible. That said, I realize that I'm probably not going to get rich .002 BCH at a time by writing here on, but it is possible. I know it's highly unlikely, especially for someone who likes to write angsty prose, or stories about his sons, or reviews about TV shows and movies no one has ever heard of, but it's possible, and it's the possibility that counts. To me that's what Bitcoin Cash represents, making what was previously impossible, possible. It's allowing us to go from zero to one. Even now in 2019, I have yet to see any other cryptocurrency that has as much going for it as BCH does, and just like Roger, I see it as the best chance to bringing economic freedom for the world.