New BCH things

2019-03-15T04:15:39.000Z Honest Cash

So in the past week or so we've gotten a couple of really cool BCH sites that I thought I'd write about.

The first one is It's a lotto site where you pay .01 BCH to enter. It's provably fair, using the last digits of your transaction id and the last digits of a block hash to determine a winner or winners. The winner(s) take 70% of the jackpot and the remaining 30% is rolled over to the next drawing, which happens every 400 blocks. The site takes a 1% fee, which means your expected value (EV) is 99% assuming you continue entering each drawing. This is a great return compared to state run lottos that I'd guess have an EV of something like 30% or even lower after taxes. Not to mention the fact that your payout is instantaneous and anonymous. I believe a site like this highlights what can be done using BCH but not BTC due to transaction fees, or lightning network due to liquidity issues. Last jackpot a lucky winner won over 7 BCH off a bet of .01 BCH. A return of more than 700x. Not bad. Below is the current odds table:

The second site that got released is called It's a site that allows you to put up questions or "tasks" for a BCH bounty. Other users can then apply to answer your question or perform the task and get paid the bounty. The person who put up the bounty gets to choose among the applicants, and once the chosen person accepts, there's a timer you can see right on the site like a stopwatch showing you how much time you have left to finish the job. I have to say this is one of the most professional looking BCH sites I've used outside of Take a look for yourself:

They've also incorporated Badger Wallet so if you haven't tried Badger Wallet I highly recommend trying it with The integration is quite slick. You can use it to sign in as well as to pay for bounties. No need to bust out your phone and open a separate wallet app. I am very much looking forward to how this site evolves.

It's because of projects like these that I remain bullish on Bitcoin Cash and see it's potential. I have a feeling there are plenty of other people out there building in stealth mode waiting to unleash their projects on us. Until next time.