May I make a suggestion

2019-03-13T05:20:18.000Z Honest Cash

What if allowed people to "like" posts in addition to tipping them. I think it would give this community another way to interact with one another. I couldn't help but notice that there has been a lot less activity here recently, and I'm wondering if that might not help the situation.

Also, I was curious if we could get the ability to delete articles and put up paywalls soon.

Finally, for anyone who hasn't checked it out yet, go visit I feel like it's a great example of what's possible on BCH and not on BTC/LN. I'm hoping the jackpot can break 50 BCH or more and make some real noise.


RE: May I make a suggestion

by @anarchovegan

I completely agree. It's one thing that I love about - liking posts without tipping! It costs around 245 or 256 sats or something. Yours does paywalls; I'm rather indifferent to them myself, but I'm also fine with them so long as they don't get in the way. I'd LOVE to have the ability to delete posts!

RE: May I make a suggestion

by @im_uname

Indeed, the paywall option is long overdue. Let it be known!