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Focal point for ranked lists

by @adrianbarwicki

In game theory, there is something called Focal point or a Schelling Point.

Game theorist Thomas Schelling developed the concept of Schelling as a solution that people tend to coordinate their behaviour in the absence of communication because it seems natural or relevant to them. Schelling illustrated the concept with the following example: “Tomorrow you have to meet a stranger in NYC. Where and when do you meet him?”. While any place and time in the city could be a solution, the most common answer is ”noon at the information booth at Grand Central Terminal”. There is nothing that makes noon at Grand Central Terminal a location with a higher payoff (any other place and time would be good, provided that both agents coordinate there), but its tradition as a meeting place makes it a natural focal point. Schelling points typically arise when communication is impossible, but also when, while communication is possible, no party can provide the other with a reason to believe that what he says is true. Based on the concept of Schelling Points, we can propose an upvote system that assumes that people will upvote good content because they will assume that others will follow by the same principle in an absence of communication. Same with lists, people will vote on objectively best movies because they will think that other people will follow the same principle.

Sorting Replies By Value

by @Xerographica

I saw Children of Men a while ago, not sure how much I liked it.  Maybe the Clive Owen movie that I liked the most is Inside Man.  

It would be great if you could reply to my original post with your nomination.  That way it will be easy for others to see and spend on.  

"I also think there has to be a reward mechanism to incentivize people to nominate and vote for their favorites."

Part of the issue is that we can't currently see replies sorted by value.  When we are able to see this then the incentive to spend your money on a reply will be to improve its ranking.  The higher ranked a reply is the more people that will see it.

It's planned :)

by @honest_cash

I read through your posts about value polls vs opinion polls and I very much like the idea of how the posts and replies can be "misused" for ranked lists.

Just to let you know: sorting replies by the amount of uniquely received upvotes is on our todo's list.

Demand-Driven Development

by @Xerographica

I'm very happy to hear that you read my post and like the "value poll" idea.  It's funny how you said that posts and replies can be "misused" for ranked lists… haha… "misused".  

Everything really boils down to ranking… it's the same thing as prioritizing… ordering by importance.  Right now I'm really hungry, but instead of eating I'm replying to you…

1. replying

2. eating

From my perspective, replying to you is more important than eating.  Are my priorities wrong?  

Have you ever been to a dog show?  The dogs are ranked by a small handful of experts.  Alternatively, the dogs could be ranked by everybody voting.  A third method would involve the dogs being ranked by donations.  Perhaps all the money that was raised could be given to the humane society.  

1. ranking by committee = socialism

2. ranking by voting = democracy

3. ranking by donations = market

Each different system will naturally produce a different ranking.  

Here's an example of cats ranked by donations (1 dollar = 1 vote).  The cats would be differently ranked by voting and by committee.  Except, we don't have the opportunity to see the difference.  

Would you spend your money to help rank cats?  Personally I wouldn't.  I think that there are more important things that I can help rank, like ideas for Honest Cash.  

Think about everybody deciding how many of their dollars they spend helping to rank ideas for this website.  If they don't spend any dollars, then they probably aren't genuinely interested in this website's development.  They probably don't care about its growth.  So anybody who does spend their money to help rank ideas for this website must genuinely care about it.  

A "value poll" naturally filters out careless input.  So you only get the input from the people who truly care.  I think that this is a good thing.  

This is why, from my perspective, the value poll idea should be the most important priority for this website.  

But unfortunately, right now this website doesn't allow me to spend my money on this idea!  I am unable to spend my money on my own posts.  In my post about value polls I mentioned that I should have this ability, and if I did spend my money on my own post, that the money should go into Honest Cash's wallet.  

Even if this website did allow me to spend my money on my own post, it's not like I could spend much on it, since I'm ignorant about crypto and don't know how to deposit money into my wallet.  

You have my email address though, just email me your paypal address and I'll send you $100 dollars.  Of course this wouldn't force you to make the value poll idea your #1 priority, it would just help me prove to you that it is my #1 priority.  Plus it would help keep the website afloat!  

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about any of this.