Glad to be here & 1st things 1st: operator signature

2019-04-06T21:25:32.000Z Honest Cash

Below is a signature made with the current @btcfork operator's signing key.

Please do not send any coins to this address - it is purely used for signing.

The first of the two lines below is the text. It includes the public key address used to sign against. The second line is a Bitcoin signature of the first, against the included pubkey.



Always challenge any account claiming to be btcfork to sign with the operator key.

If you find a presence that is not able to sign with the most recent operator key, then it's likely a fake. Please report it to the verifiable btcfork presences on Twitter or

Should a change of the operator key be needed, there will be a signed message confirming this with the old key and maybe more authentication.