You Didn't Fixed A Thing, You Made It Worst!

2019-03-16T23:34:50.000Z Honest Cash

You only had one job: Fixing the thing that was broken! In your mind you say "pfrr, this is piece of cake, I can do this with my eyes closed"… so you walked around the problem, look at it, make some mathematical calculations and start fixing the thing. You moved the pieces, you untangled the cables, you screw and unscrew all you find, throw some oil and…

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE?! All looks way worst! You were supposed to fix it not to break it more! Why there's so many screws on the floor? Aren't that supposed to be holding something? Why the cables are extremely tangled? Wait, did you bend the thing instead of putting it straight?! What type of fixer are you? You didn't fixed a thing, you made it worst!!

RULE NO.1 - if it's not broken, DON'T FIX IT!

RULE NO.2 - Not because you imagined you can do it, it means you can really do it!

RULE NO.3 - If you end with screws in your hand you totally messed up!

RULE NO.4 - never under any circumstance bend the damned cable!


If you can't follow the rules run.. RUUUUUUN before the owner comes and see the mess you just made!

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