A Fact About Butt Hair

2019-03-02T09:56:10.000Z Honest Cash

A man going to work meets an old man in the street. The old man stops him and asks : “Can you tell me a fact about butt hair ?”

Surprised, the worker ignores him and goes to work.

The next day, The worker meets the old man at the same place. He also get asked the same question : “Sir, can you please tell me a fact about butt hair ?”

The worker, annoyed by this question responds : “Leave me alone !” And goes to work.

The third day, the same thing happens. The old man asks : “Please Sir, I’ve been in the streets for three days because no one wants to give me a fact about butt hair.”

The worker decides to end this once and for all. As soon as he goes back home, he goes to his room, opens his computer and starts looking for information about butt hair.

At the end of the night, the worker ends up with 24 slides about butt hair.

The next day, the worker prints his slides and gives them to the old man still standing at the same place.

The old man looks at the documents and throws them.

“What’s wrong with you ?” Says the worker.

“I already have a fact about butt hair. So I don’t need your documents.” Replies the old man.

Offended, the worker turns his back to the old man and walks a few steps away. But before going in to his building, he decides to ask one last question : “Can you tell me the fact about butt hair ?”

The old man smiles and says : “It’s on the head of the ass who spent all night researching butt hair.”