9 Reasons Why Jeff Bezos Should Date Alexa

2019-02-23T08:50:44.000Z Honest Cash

He will look like Iron Man. Only creepier because people will think he wants to f**k Jarvis.

She can’t just leave him. A.Is don’t have legs.

She doesn’t care if he gets in romantic relationships with humans. He just needs to never tell another female A.I to play his daily podcast.

*Siri *is not available. She doesn’t need a man in her life.

They’re both bald. So she can’t make fun of him.

Alexa will never ask about the woman who just called him. She already knows her grandma’s boyfriend.

People will finally be able to distinguish him from Lex Luthor as they find he’s capable of things that look like human emotions.

He will be safe from gold diggers, but totally vulnerable to data diggers.

Alexa recorded millions of couples doing naughty things. I bet she learned one trick or two.