Hello friends I am Shruti Singh from India.

2019-01-23T11:16:57.000Z Honest Cash

Good evening Honest Cash family, myself Shruti Singh I am an Indian Girl belongs from middle class family and I am the youngest among my one brother and one sister.

 I want to say hi to this amazing world.

I am So much excited to be here and I am so much curious about this platform as how it is possible that we can earn money while posting our artwork and other stuffs. Let's enquire this.

My Hobbies: I love to sing song, dancing Indian classical and I am still learning this form of dance, I am an artist of fine arts.

I am student of fine arts as I told you and it's my first year of Graduation. I will try to contribute my original art work and dancing videos to this awesome community I heard about this in my college some art students are using this and they told me about this.

I am little contributor of this platform and so many things and amazing experiences I have to witness in coming days.

My art work I made my own portrait few months back.

Thank you.


RE: Hello friends I am Shruti Singh from India.

by @raghao

Grand welcome to this beautiful community dear friend.