Why I Use Cent Less

2019-03-14T07:24:11.000Z Honest Cash

My last post was about Cent's YouTube Embed Issue.

That, by and large, is the worst part of Cent.

Which, frankly, is pretty cool and good, overall, considering. However, there's another site, Honest.cash, that goes far above and beyond the nice features that exist here:

1. I can right-click posts and see multiple posts at once, rather than being forced to only see one post at a time.

2. Infinite replies. I've covered this before.

3. Post as often as you want, as opposed to the hour limit here unless you do the bounty.

4. Editable posts and comments, FOREVER.

I also just prefer the interface. The interface and structure of the comments here is extremely confusing and convoluted to me.

The one thing that Cent has over Honest is live notifications.

I just saw the bell go from empty to red, which means something happened. To see that in Honest or Memo, I have to refresh the page. That's nice. I wish it was in Honest and Memo, too. But it's not enough to warrant posting here more.

Likewise, Memo posts are censorship-resistant by default, and you can make Honest posts uncensorable. Does Cent have that? I rather doubt it.

So join me on Honest if you like the sound of being able to link to numerous YouTube videos with that not meaning that if you want to polish your work that you have to go through every single video to re-correct it every single time, and actually have a usable threaded comment section that goes more than 1 layer deep.


RE: Why I Use Cent Less

by @ridedonkeys

Mostly, I think both sites just need more traffic, perhaps by people creating a buzz on other social media or in other ways