Wallet Weirdness… Laptop and Phone Didn't Agree!

2019-03-20T00:33:14.000Z Honest Cash

I supposedly had finally fixed my wallet.

And now, on mobile, I see my balance of .0028 B/.44 $ and my Deposit address starting with qzgk and ending with d9rk, and my profile address starting with qzgk and ending with d66q (bitcoincash:qzgk7a4jm350qzxqk303e6pd9rkc3fvqmyzexcd66q),

and on my laptop I see a balance of 0, with my Deposit address starting with qr8g and ending with kyha, and my profile address starting with qzgk and ending with d66q.

I'm at a loss as to what this even means.

Not even the one with funds in it on mobile matches up!

Ok. Both profiles - mobile and laptop - have same profile address.

Ok. Now looking again, mobile address for Deposit now matches the profile address. Laptop one still doesn't.

Looking at the new seed that I made that didn't go through, laptop one is now using the seed that I'd made that I'd thought hadn't gone through since my internet was got cut as I'd been making it.

So, what if I put the new seed into the profile address?

Will that change the mobile one?

Will I be able to send both the oldest $5 funds and now the $0.44 funds to this new address to use?

So, I looked into it and the issue is that I'm not even sure if I have the seed. I might, but all I really had to go on was the bitcoin:blahblahblah address. Thus, accordingly, unless the random seeds I'd periodically made correlate to the $5 one, those funds are lost.

However, there's some good news. Instead of using the new seed with $0 on it, I decided to import the previous seed that has the $0.44… and it worked! My funds from that one are restored on my laptop.

I decided to play with putting in 2 other Honest seeds I have - perhaps one of them has the $5… but no luck. They're both empty.

So I've restored the 66q one.

In the scheme of things, $5 isn't that much.

I've already lost 10k from losing my BTC seeds from years ago, being unable to find/locate them when BTC first spiked, and I've gotten a lot more utility from Honest.cash and BCH/BSV than I ever have from BTC.

Maybe someday I'll recover the seed that correlates to the $5.

Not a huge deal if I don't, though.