My Wallet Still Isn't Working.

2019-02-06T17:27:03.000Z Honest Cash

My last two posts were upvoted but the money isn't showing in my wallet.


RE: My Wallet Still Isn't Working.

by @honest_cash

Hey anarchovegan!

The tips are sent to the address specified in your profile. The address for receiving tips can be different than the connected wallet, especially for accounts that have registered on Honest in November 2018 before we introduced the native wallet functionality.

You can see the address for receiving tips here:

Here you can check your balance.

You have 4.17 USD at the time of writing and you have, indeed, received today two tips, each at 0.23 USD.

Is your wallet address the same as the one for receiving tips specified in your profile? You can check it by going to "My wallet" and comparing the two Bitcoin addresses.

RE: RE: My Wallet Still Isn't Working.

by @anarchovegan

I don't think it is.

How do I make the address the I'm getting money to my wallet address?

RE: RE: My Wallet Still Isn't Working.

by @anarchovegan

How do I make that address connected to my wallet?