(Voting Ready) I connected my wallet. Again.

2018-12-08T17:38:29.000Z Honest Cash

Another new one.

I had a previous one and I thought it was connected?

I guess not?

Also, it's really obnoxious to be logged in, and have to log in again to reply to someone. And the to have to log in again after you've gone through a post and want to reply to someone, or someone else. Le sigh.

So, the tips I got that made my posts uneditble went to oblivion?

So, if or when this happens again, it will again invalidate the tips I've gotten?


Also, I see that "make it uncensorable" has been implemented.

I don't know if I'll use it or not. I'm certainly not against it to begin with.

Maybe I'll find issue with it if I try it.
Not that I have money in this newly-created wallet to do that with.

Want me to test it? Tip me on one of my posts.
No, really: I like testing features.
I'm also at zero funds and low on giving a fuck, on hereā€¦
Yes, yes, I know: it's new and the kinks are being worked out.

One-upvote uneditability is a something of a deal-breaker for me.