Honest.cash Followed Me

2019-03-14T02:59:02.000Z Honest Cash

I've always felt a bit a bit awkward about getting following, being split between saying "Thank you" and saying nothing at all; usually, I say nothing at all. Whether you want to follow me or not is your choice, and it's independent from whether or not you support me.

I'm going to post what I post regardless, although with you following me, we're more likely to respond to each other and interact.

But, when the maker of the platform follows you, such as honest.cash has, that's something that I rarely experience, and it's rather surreal. Sure, Bill Ottman and Ian Crossland both follow/subscribe me on Minds (they're the co-founders of it)… I suppose the distinction I feel between these two platforms is that Honest.cash responds to my feedback, and the site changes in ways that are usable in the most basic sense, whereas with Minds… well, I'm still working on learning coding to put code into the project. There's no hyperlinking, and… I just really hate the lack of formatting features. They had "unlisted" as an option, which then went to only "paid". That's going backwards!

Sure, Honest has gone backwards with the notifications extra steps, but that was in juxtaposition with a whole bunch of changes that were awesome, like integrated notifications and post/responses tabs, and I don't imagine that the setup of the site with the extra clicks will remain.

I mean, if it does… that's obnoxious.

So, it's a close tie between whether Honest.cash or Memo.cash is my favorite platform. If Memo had hyperlinking and longer posts, I might prefer Memo. Honest.cash's writing portion was recently down, but I also hit an error in the system of Memo and couldn't post there for a while, either.

Frankly, it makes sense to me that they'd follow me. Our interests align a great deal and I'm principally talking about how to best make the site better and more usable for all involved. And it's not just limited to honest.cash, as is plain to see from what I've written both in this posts and my other posts.

Yes, I write about other stuff. Of course I do.

Which is why I talked about Privacy Settings On Honest.cash. That's something I think everyone could benefit from. Wouldn't you like to be able to select where in your feed that people would see what you've written, and people can select which feed of yours they would see?

I don't mean categories in the site overall. I mean personal-made categories on your own profile, and perhaps with their own customized settings. That way, honest.cash could focus in on bug issues I might have to share with them (and so could everyone else, both in terms on my page and theirs), and then check out my poetry page if they were curious, without having to also see my blogging about how many days it's been since I touched myself.

Might be useful! ;)

And hey, I really suggest looking into Xero's idea about using money/voting to display more clearly what features people value, to exponentially make this site more useful.