Hello, Cent. I'm going to blog my learning you.

2019-01-11T12:28:18.000Z Honest Cash

After some first impressions, here's my second post here.

Taking the advise of matthew, I brought up the support pages to learn about this site. On one of them, I was brought to "The History Of Ethereum", which had an ad for a "Master Class" by PetraPicks. Cool stuff, but it's $300. I don't have that money. Before I got too disheartened, I clicked off to learn more about this social network.

(I love that I'll be able to copy-paste this to Yours (nope - see end) and Honest with these words linked to those re-pastes, while also having the link to this one on Cent here, thus consolidating my effort and otherwise extraneous edits, into one take that I can put on all three sites!)

To my surprise, one of the comments to Cent was in regard to earn.com, which directed me to Coinbase Earn; I point this out because of the controversy surrounding Coinbase wanting user information, such as your Social Security Number, as I think the basic idea of "earning for learning":
"Learn: simple and engaging cryptocurrency education

In a survey of Coinbase customers and non-customers alike, we found that one of the biggest barriers preventing people from exploring a new digital asset was a lack of knowledge about that asset. Many of the people we surveyed expressed a strong desire to begin learning about new and different crypto assets beyond Bitcoin, but didn’t know where to begin.

That’s why we’re launching Coinbase Earn with tasks related to asset education. The educational content will be publicly available for any curious party to learn more about an asset, even if they haven’t yet received an invite to begin earning."

Effing brilliant, I think. Great concept. Love it.

I agree with other users concerns regarding Coinbase, and I also agree that Coinbase makes crypto much more accessible for people in general. Including myself. I use it. It was there before Yours.org, memo.cash, and so forth. Currently, I just have $10 in it, but it's nice to be able to watch the ebbs and flows of the various cryptos, although it's bizarre to see them all following pretty much identical paths, which they've been doing for quite some time.

Something's up. But we already knew that.

There's a lot of people talking about XRP - I don't know what it is - both asking for it to be included, and saying that it's crap.

Ok I've been holding off on asking about this since I started typing my first sentence figuring that it would be mentioned, but I'm really not seeing anything and I'm thinking I won't:

Can you follow people?

I'm so confused why I don't see that feature.

Anyway, moving on:

Oh. I wasn't selected for Coinbase Earn. Poo.

Huh. Love the philosophy.
"Where We're Going

This year, there will be much coming. Early in the year, we will be releasing a handful of obvious features that we want to do in our own way. Things like following users and channels, and being able to support creators in some sort of recurrent, Patreon-like way."

There currently exists two oft-stated alternatives, one of which I'm on:
1. Subscribestar (which was censored and is somewhat back on its feet).
2. bitbacker.io.

However, bitbacker.io does not have editing like these sites, Yours.org, Honest.cash, and beta.cent.co.
Nonetheless, there's some flex for you to check out.

"We are beginning to make moves on iOS and Android apps, and will be hiring."

Wahoo! I checked the google app store and didn't see any Cent apps.

I'd rather not have it in the google app store and one of the other ones, like F-Droid, but obviously google play store is the main one for the moment.

"Note: posts can be edited up to 24 hours after they're posted."

Very good to know. I will treat this site as similar to steemit and weku, or how honest.cash was for a bit (it recently changed) with the one-upvote-editing-disabled.

…FINALLY! I have the wallet set up!

I'm using the Brave browser (I'm on a computer where using FireFox makes my computer slow to a crawl, and Brave both has decent security features, pays website creators, and is Chrome-ish-friendly, though I'm not especially fond the the Googlopoly; yet, much of it is indeed open-source.

On the "blockchain in 1000 words" post, "Litecoin, Monero and Zcash" were pointed out as bitcoin examples to use. Someone else had suggested Monero to me on fb (I'm not linking to it because I don't want to go through the hassle of logging in right now because I have it in a separate browser because I don't trust fb), and the isssue I keep having with these is… they don't have a social network they're on.

The only reason I have ETH right now is that I'm on beta.cent.co.

Literally. When you don't have much money and you want to get something going, the exact philosophy that's here (and on Yours.org, and Honest.cash) is the one that's going to win the day; it's the same one that I spoke about in relation to Coinbase Earn earlier.

Hey… why isn't the scroll thing for this text activating?
Why do I have to do it manually with the mouse cursor?

I'm indeed curious about the idea of becoming a blockchain developer.
(I'm noting it partially so I can revisit it later easier.)

Now, at this point, I'm getting fatigued.

So, I'm going to note down the resources that I'll come back to for later, and turn in for the moment for a rest:

1. What's Ethereum?

2. Oh, that was it.

Oh, I was wrong about the scrolling.
You scroll from your browser scroller.

"Why can't I edit my reply?
In order to prevent potential complications with sorting accuracy and fairness, editing of replies is not possible."

Good to know.
Yours and Honest are better in terms of editing in this regard.

…Ok. This was my first go-round with beta.cent.co.

I find this site interesting, and it's made me all the more impressed with Honest.cash, especially now that editing is enabled regardless of time.

Now, the issue I presented to Honest.cash is pretty much the one I levy to beta.cent.co, except that the issue is somewhat subdued, being 24 hours, rather than the first upvote.

Well, Yours.org won't take the formatting.

But, I can do it from Yours to here and Honest.cash.

How curious. Well, this one won't be on Yours, then.

No matter. Honest.cash works fine.