Heaven And Hell, In Love

2019-03-19T19:51:09.000Z Honest Cash



From the depths of hell

From the heights of heaven

I unite you two

As fellow brethren

I scream agony in delight

As I birth wonder

With all my might

The scared child I am with needs

Vulnerable, and yet

Still, I clean; the deeds

Mere actions without meaning

It is a soul that I am kneading

With my own, as we fight

Our egos turning

Left and right

The nightmare of our fears

Used against us

By our love

Held dear

I declare gratitude as my weapon

To fight for love

I clean the heavens

And I hug hell

Into the void and back

Tears streaming

It's not even close to over.

Wage peace, I shall

With my biotechnology of love.

Is Cupid's arrow

Reserved for two?

My existence challenges this



Disgusting slut I might be

To you

Yes, I like sex.

Yes, I'm a slut.

The wounds cut deep

Don't they.

How they cut.