(First Impression) Peepeth: Patreon, But Upfront About It

2019-01-12T03:05:23.000Z Honest Cash

I heard about peepeth from here.

Their about looks like it was taken out of Patreon's censorship playbook.

But hey, at least they're being upfront about it.

Likewise, they suggest Gab and Minds:
"Looking for an unmoderated experience? Check out Gab and Minds."

Why am I talking about this?

Because I disagree that you should sign up to Peepeth, as this article says:
"Three Reasons You Need To Start Using Peepeth Now"

What are the reasons?

1. "Censorship resistant"
So is Memo and Honest. And they don't moderate.

I can't currently comment on the other two reasons - "Shows how dapps should be built" and "Demonstrates the future of crypto", as I'm not on the platform.
I guess I'll give it a go -- "Don't knock it till you try it."

Made an account on Gab and a first post there.

I'm on the waitlist for Peepeth now, and I could expidite the process if I connect with them on Twitter. I rarely use Twitter. I dunno if it's worth the effort.

Well, that was easy. I just did a Tweet to them.

I changed it from "make the web a force for good" (sounds Orwellian as heck to me) to that I want to look at the site and it's functionality.